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PM Bennet Addresses the UN General Assembly

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

In general, the Prime Minister spoke well at the UN General Assembly.  He wore a yarmulkah.  He quoted the Talmud Yerushalmi. He mentioned Torah observance. He thanked the 38 nations who boycotted the Durban Conference. He warned the world against what Iran is doing.

Regarding attacking Iran’s nuclear capabilities, he said, “We mean what we say.. the pace of progress towards a nuclear weapon is unacceptable – we are taking action.”

he noted that Iran’s current leader butchered 5000 of his own people and then sat and ate cream cakes.  He further stated that Iran is running a rotten, corrupt and detached regime, which fails to “provide water and electricity to parts of the country.”

On the coronavirus, Bennett stressed that he insists the country remain open. “My perception is that the state should continue to run even under COVID-19. We have taken a lot of proactive actions and we are constantly doing trial and error – some things succeed and some do not.”

Bennett revealed that each parent will receive in the next two weeks a box with 20 tests for one and a half million children, allowing parents to test their children.

“Anyone who tells me to impose restrictions I want to ask him – there is a high morbidity in [the northern Israeli Arab town of] Kabul, so we have to cancel a Shlomo Artzi concert in central Israel? Every such restriction results in financial damage of billions of shekels, compensation for no reason,” Bennett said, adding, “I highly regard the people of the Ministry of Health, their job is to provide medical input, but in the end the responsibility is on me, I am personally responsible for the coronavirus.”


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