Unvaccinated 22 Yr.-Old Attached To Last ECMO Machine At Leading Israeli Hospital

Illustrative. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visits the coronavirus wards in Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv on Sunday, August 15, 2021. (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

As Prime Minister Naftali Bennett lauded Israel’s response to the coronavirus at the UN General Assembly in New York, overloaded hospitals in Israel were running out of ECMO machines. On Wednesday, Channel 13 News reported that Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest hospital, used its last ECMO machine for a 22-year-old coronavirus patient.

The patient has no history of preexisting illnesses but was not vaccinated.

In an unprecedented move, the report said that Rambam Hospital in Haifa will “lend” an ECMO machine to Ichilov to prevent patients from dying due to a lack of the life-saving machine.

Senior officials in the health system are saying that most hospitals in Israel have almost no ECMO machines left, both in central Israel and the rest of the country. In recent days, the number of Israelis attached to ECMO machines has reached a peak of 47, 91% of whom are unvaccinated. In addition, there are also non-coronavirus patients who are reliant on the machines.

About 1,300 Israelis have died of the coronavirus since Bennett became prime minister.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the ‘unvaccinated person’ really never got a ‘covid shot’ then it’s probably radiation poisoning, which is the true culprit causing ‘covid’ – which, if a virus, is one that has never actually been isolated as such. If the person is ‘technically unvaccinated’ – took the shot or two or even three of them, but is outside the proper timeframe for doing so, then this is even worse ineptitude on behalf of Israeli caregivers. Go to Sweden, health-truth seekers – there are no vaccine or mask mandates there, and the economy is open to all – except the big pharma swindlers, as it is in Israel.