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Police Close Issawiya Road Following Mt. Scopus Attacks

ywnisrael.israelJerusalem police have decided to close an access road to the Jerusalem Arab village of Issawiya, a launching pad for many attacks against Jewish motorists, particularly IDF soldier heading to and from the Mount Scopus base.

Soldiers serving in that Homefront Command base travel in armed convoys as they come under daily attacks. One must realize the location is directly behind Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus. A firebomb was hurled at one of the convoys earlier this week. B’chasdei Hashem there were no injuries.

Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King, who champions the effort to liberate Arab-occupied areas of the eastern capital, told Channel 10 News “the situation is catastrophic for on the one hand the government speaks of united Jerusalem but its actions send another message.” King feels if police crackdown they can restore security to the area.

As a result of a sharp escalation in attacks against Israeli motorists of late, the southern road was closed. Some are critical of police for the collective punishment, questioning how police feel it is permissible to lock down 1,000 people over the actions of a few.

One must realize all of this is taking place inside Yerushalayim in the area of Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital and Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Campus.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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