WATCH: Bnei Brak Bus Driver Watches Movie While Driving Route


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A passenger videoed a Dan bus driver watching a moving on his smartphone as he navigated the number 3 bus route through the congested streets of Bnei Brak, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

“I got on the bus and was astounded to see the driver watching a movie throughout the route without even trying to hide what he was doing,” the outraged passenger told B’Chadrei. “His disgraceful contempt for human life and his defiant attitude toward his passengers is simply outrageous.”

“Almost every day we’re witness to disasters caused by the use of cell phones while driving,” he continued. “It’s unacceptable for the lives of passengers to be hefker in the hands of irresponsible drivers.”

The Dan company responded to an inquiry from B’Chadrei, stating: “Thank you for your inquiry, which is extremely serious in our view. The driver has been identified and was immediately referred to the company’s safety officer.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The main thing is he was wearing a disposable mask and disposable masks save lives, at least according to some brilliant cutting edge Rabbonim.

  2. FYI the bus is not in motion until the last 5 seconds of clip, and then the driver stops watching his video and looks at the road. So he was not filmed watching the video while the bus was in motion.

  3. Coming back from Chevron to Jerusalem chol hamoed, the driver was checking his emails as he drove. Then for some inexplicable reason, he bent down to pick up bus tickets from the floor (still driving!) and started examining them! I said very loudly I’m going to report him. That made a difference. I didn’t bother reporting because the bus companies don’t care and never do anything. But next time, & there will be a next time, I WILL report. But a safety officer? Feh. He needs to be fired.

  4. this is sad but what is more outrageous is the fact that someone did equally an injustice by videoing and submitting to the news___each of us has an honor to establish…..this is hate towards Chareidi …..this must stop___if you don’t keep shabbos than why live in Israel …..

  5. This driver is infinitely more dangerous to Israeli lives, than admitting vaccinated foreigners to Israel would be to Israeli lives, but the Israeli government is far too screwed up to comprehend something as basic as this.