Critically Ill Israeli Anti-Vaxxer Saved From Brink Of Death, Expresses Regret


A 49-year-old Israeli man who decided not to vaccinate due to anti-vax “fake news” spread on social media expressed his regrets for his anti-vax stance after he contracted COVID and almost died.

Meir Dayan, who has been hospitalized in the ICU at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for the past three weeks, wrote about his experience in a post he published on the hospital’s Facebook page.

“I decided not to get vaccinated due to fears of side effects that were spread on social media,” Dayan wrote. “As an ordinary citizen, I was also confused by the many opinions and information published by various interested parties…and then I contracted COVID.”

“On the tenth day, my condition worsened and I was evacuated to Ichilov Hospital. At this stage, ‘the asimon dropped’ and I understood that what I got myself into wasn’t going to be easy like all the ‘expert’ anti-vaxxers made sure to prove at the expense of human life. I was so angry with myself, for what I did to my family who has to deal with the situation I got into because of my refusal to get vaccinated.”

“Within 48 hours, my condition deteriorated rapidly and I lost consciousness. I was sedated and ventilated for eight days. After a hospitalization of three weeks in the ICU, during which I teetered between life and death, I’m no longer at risk but I have a long period of rehabilitation in store for me…including surgery, intensive lung rehabilitation, and a host of other medical procedures.”

“Now please allow me to appeal to all the anti-vaxxers and invite you to debate me: ‘Meir Dayan is proof of the harm caused by COVID and the fact that he survived is a neis!'”

“Thank you very much to all the staff members at Ichilov Hospital,” Dayan concluded.

Another Israeli anti-vaxxer who also became seriously ill with COVID conveyed the same message as Dayan on Israeli media:

In September, one of the most outspoken anti-vaxxers in Israel passed away of COVID.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There is no evidence that the jab would have helped him. Many people got the jab and died from COVID anyways.
    When something bad happens people always think if only I would have done something differently I wouldn’t be suffering like this. For every unvaxxed person that ends up in the hospital there are many more vaxxed people in the hospital.
    Plus, they didn’t treat his COVID properly.

  2. He could have been given Ivermectin, oxygen and other non-invasive protocols and probably sent home a long time ago. Instead, he was coerced to pay homage to practitioners of a ‘lesser g-d’ (the mythical cult of ‘vexinology’) and hail to their methods out of fear from their vengeance and for his life. There’s not much more to it than that. The virus has never been isolated. Live a holistic and religious lifestyle, limited wireless exposure, and get lucky.

  3. BH for this message being shared. Take his words and experience to heart and vaccinate. Also notice the Likutei Moharan in the photo? Good stuff

  4. As someone who is thrice vaxxed, I’m not sure I agree with your conclusion. Israel doesn’t use the same treatment as the Frontline Doctors, and if you did have that treatment, started immediately upon your contracting the WuFlu, you may have been fine. I think it’s a damn shame that Israel isn’t following the Frontline protocols.

  5. @Chaylev Halyah – there are too many to report.
    reports coming out that more people dying since vax came out then amount of people who died before vax came out. #duh
    Hey vaxxers – why is israel the sickest place on earth if Cov-vaxxes help? Its the sickest country, its mind-boggling.
    Finally rabbonim are coming out and assuring vaxxes. Finally.
    Hashem Yishmor.

  6. How ignorant and narrow minded of YWN – again. If you haven’t realised by now, there is no surefire way to avoid getting COVID. There are hundreds of people who received it and either died from it or were very severely harmed – which doesn’t get reported, thanks to the fake news craziness. COVID is NOT an automatic death sentence – it has a 98% recovery rate, so if the only way you have to convince people is through fear – that’s very pathetic. Why not report on all the deaths incurred from people who received the shot, just to balance things out????

  7. Of course, no mention that there are treatments for Covid, like monoclonal antibodies, which the Zionist hospital obviously didn’t give him. Also, of course, no mention of Dr. Zelenko’s protocol and other cures.

    Just that, after not getting any life-saving treatment by the Zionist medical establishment, he still B”H managed to survive.

  8. I got the vax . Made me super sick. Felt like covid all over again. Then after feeling like I’m dying the muscle aches agony no words for it…for days…after the aches were over next day I started feeling tingling in my lips spread to my nose jaw it was like being post the dentist but more intense. Stay away from that poison. Its BAD

  9. B”H I have been revived. For the past few months, almost every time YWN published an Israeli story of someone getting COVID and either dying or almost dying, I pointed out that if Israel would offer other effective treatments these people would probably have been fine and much more quickly. I always was a “daas yochid” in those posts, but here it seems the large majority of posters are making exactly that point, so thanks for restoring some of my faith in human common sense!

    I am not an anti-vaxxer by any means, but I also respect people’s right to their opinions, at least when it doesn’t cause harm to others. There’s no logic and scant evidence (if any at all) that not getting vaccinated harms others who are vaccinated, to whatever level of effectiveness is ascribed to the vaccine (i.e. if the vaccine protects me, what do I care about your vaccination status, and if it doesn’t, how will you being vaccinated protect me?), so let’s live and let live, and treat COVID with time-proven methods so that natural immunity can kick in too.

  10. Many people at the brink of death think if I would’ve done this or that I wouldn’t be in this position, so it’s not unusual for people to have regrets. However, taking the covid shot is no guarantee that he wouldn’t get seriously ill, either from covid itself or the shots side effects. Many people have unfortunately passed away after taking the shot from covid or effects bought on by the shot.

    There are other very effective covid treatments for covid; there’s no reason whatsoever ( besides for lining people’s pockets and letting the increasingly rights stripping governments control you) for healthy people to get the covid poison shot.