DM Ya’alon Approves a New Hesder Yeshiva


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yaalonDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has given his office’s approval for the establishment of a new hesder yeshiva, Yeshivat Meir Harel. The new Kiryat Ono based yeshiva is in Kiryat Ono under the leadership of Rabbi Eliezer Snoold, a colonel in the IDF reserves. One unique aspect of the yeshiva is talmidim are required to serve two years in the IDF and limud Torah is four years, adding a year to the standard 5-year hesder program. Another new hesder yeshiva working with the new six year plan was approved by Ya’alon a number of months ago. It is located in Ofakim.

The Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva is taking part in a special IDF/MDA paramedic program to certify combat ready paramedics due to the shortage in the military.

The rosh yeshiva thanks the defense minister for approving the yeshiva which boasts a longer track, which he feels is a bracha. Rabbi Snoold was asked if he feels the other hesder yeshivot should follow his example. He responded that he believes the shorter track will attract a large number of talmidim and his program will attract those willing to serve an additional year.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So you can learn Torah and serve in the Army?? I bet the Hezder guys also pick up the necessary skills needed to get a good job to support their families.