Bnei Brak School Principal Arrested on Fraud Charges


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mishA well-respected school principal in Bnei Brak was arrested by police on Tuesday 23 Kislev 5774 on suspicion of fraud. The suspect is a 51-year-old resident of the city and her school is part of a respected network.

Police allege that during the past two years she defrauded the system of 300,000 NIS which she took for herself. It appears that she was regularly putting in for overtime that she never did in addition to taking money received from parents for the school. She allegedly did not report these funds to school officials.

She was taken to the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court where police requested that she remain in jail as the investigation against her continues.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Not a word can be believed when it comes to the misrad haotzar and their ways of sonei daas. They’re extremely down on the backs of all the schools now.

  2. #1- What possible connection do you see between this case and misrad haotzar? Fake overtime and failure to report funds received from parents would come under the purview of the Ministry of Education and the police. If you are going to make groundless accusations on general principal you may as well aim it at them.