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On Iran Deal, Hillary Clinton Is In The Hiding

Top Democrats have all chimed in over the interim deal reached by Iran, with some cautiously supporting the deal as a first step or publicly opposing it.

One voice has not been heard yet, the voice of the Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is expected to launch a 2016 presidential bid. In 2008, Hillary was best known as the candidate ready for the 3 a.m. phone call. “Who do you want answering the phone?” she asked Democratic voters at one point in her campaign against Obama.

Earlier in October, Ms. Clinton said in a speech at Chatham House in London, that it is too soon to know whether the different approach to nuclear talks taken by Iran’s new government will result in real progress. “In Geneva next week, I will be most interested in hearing if the Iranians are putting any meat on the bones of their hope that there can be a negotiation that leads to a resolution that is satisfying to them and acceptable to us. And I just think we don’t have any way of knowing that yet,” said Clinton.

But since the deal was reached Saturday night, Hillary has not yet endorsed the deal or opposed it.

Hillary, who’s exploring a WH run following President Obama’s second term in office, is in a difficult situation. Nevertheless, a voice needed to be heard.

“She’s very difficult to pin down, isn’t she?” Steve Cozen, a top donor to the Democratic National Committee, told The Hill. “I think she will remain difficult to pin down.”

“Mrs. Clinton very seldom takes positions on controversial issues that may be unpopular in a particular community that might stick to her,” he added.

If this goes well, she’ll want to claim credit later. But if the Iran deal is seen to have compromised Israel’s security, or worse, she will have some awkward explaining to do to important friends, supporters, and constituents as why she remained silent. Distancing herself from the underlying policy and whip up an explanation as to why this is any different than her own policy of engagement, would not be an option.

The conservative ‘America Rising’ PAC is already taunting her with a “Hillary In Hiding” attack, noting that for one of the greatest secretaries of state in history, “she has uttered nary a peep since her successor at State announced a nuclear deal with Iran.”

“The Democrats 2016 frontrunner is in hiding. That demonstrates just how weak her party’s current political position is and underscores that Hillary, more than anything is a political animal. On issues as big and central to her record as health care and Iran, Hillary is a no comment,” America Rising tumblr post reads.

Jewish Democratic voters are already turning on Obama while he tours the country raising money for the Democratic Party.

Jeff Robbins, a Democratic lawyer and fundraiser based in Boston, told The Hill many Jewish Democrats agree with Senator Schumer’s harsh criticism of the deal.

“There is a strong concern that in the frenetic eagerness to secure a piece of paper, an eagerness that could not have been more ostentatiously advertised, the United States and others went for a deal which was not consistent with the leverage that was had,” he said.

A Jewish donor to Obama’s campaigns who requested anonymity accused the president of “selling Israel down the river,” adding that it is a “betrayal of our closest ally in the region.”

Hillary, more than Obama, will need these donors in 2016.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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