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OU Praises New York Gov. Cuomo for ZeroTolerance of Anti-Semitism

ouThe Orthodox Union (OU) Advocacy Center again praised New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for his “zero tolerance” of anti-Semitism. The governor reiterated this policy in response to the spate of anti-Semitic activities taking place within the Pine Bush School District.

“This state has a zero tolerance policy for any type of anti-Semitism. It will not be tolerated anywhere, anytime, in any manner, shape or form,” said Gov. Cuomo, speaking Sunday before an audience gathered at an OHEL dinner.

“As we said when Gov. Cuomo first called for an investigation into these outrageous activities within the Pine Bush School District, one instance of racist or anti-Semitic activity is one too many, but to have an anti-Semitic and racist culture seemingly entrenched within a school district is intolerable. We appreciate Gov. Cuomo’s clear response, his ongoing vigilance and his leadership on this issue. We believe that so-called ‘inbred prejudices’ should not be tolerated or excused and hope that the governor’s investigation of the school district brings about a change most sorely needed,” said Jeff Leb, Director of NY State Political Affairs for OU Advocacy.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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