Lipa To Antwerp To Israel: The “Old-New” Trend Hitting The Dance Floor At Chasunos


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In recent days, an intriguing trend has hit the dance floors of chasunas worldwide and videos of the “unique” dance to the “oldie” song are flooding social media.

It began with Lipa Schmeltzer, who with his usual infectious enthusiasm, jumped up and down, moving his legs back and forth, as he sang Avraham Fried’s “Kal Hahodaos” during a chasunah as he reached the words: “ומניח בקדושה לעם מדושני עונג זכר למעשה בראשית.”

Lipa’s “dance” spread, with singer Shloime Meisler in Antwerp copying his moves during a chasunah, and from there it spread all over Israel and the US, with videos of the dance quickly going viral.

The “dance” became so popular that it isn’t being limited to chasunos, with yeshivah bochurim adopting the trend for parties, concerts, and siyumim, and random scenes being set to the song and dance.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They are embarring all of us Chassidishe. It looks like they are in an aerobics class…just please stop with these narishkeiten it just looks so incredibly stupid.

  2. First of all, “Kel Hahodaos” is not Avraham Fried’s song. It was first released on Pirchei Toronto Vol 2 in 1976. In those days, he was called Avrohom Friedman and he was a cute child soloist singing on the Agudah’s Pirchei Sings albums.
    Second of all, older niggunim used be a safe refuge for those who still cherish the “derech HaTorah V’HaYira”, sparks of the shiras haleviim, that could still be found in Jewish music that is so wantonly missing in today’s releases. It’s not enough that the market has been flooded by the day’s latest hit and then the next day’s, complete with music video and the latest way to move our bodies. Now we need to witness our older treasures being dragged through the gutter of physical pleasure once seen only in the lowest of gentile environments?
    Chanukah is coming. Would we have been on the side of the Chashmonaim or that of the Misyavnim?

  3. Correction to my previous comment:
    The song “Kel Hahodaos” from Pirchei Toronto Vol 2 is actually a different song.
    The one referred to in the article was first released on Kol Salonika 5 also published in 1976 and was composed by R’ Baruch Chait.
    It was later sung by R’ Avraham Fried on his first album released in 1981.

  4. There is nothing cute about some chasidishe guy singing over the pa system on a plane in front of goyim. Its extremely embarrassing.
    Imagine having to endure listening to some Islamic chant while waiting for take off

  5. “ust please stop with these narishkeiten it just looks so incredibly stupid”

    Actually, not nearly as much so as dancing with a live goat in shul several years ago on Purim. Reminder that this is the same artist invited to entertain last week for the Gerrer Rebbe, shlita , Rav Alter, on his visit to his Chassidim in NY and Lakewood.

  6. nothing wrong with a little cardio. If that’s what it takes to get the sedentary to move a little more, so be it …just perhaps not on an airplane.

  7. To lakewoodbt…. does your name imply lakewood baal teshuva??
    Why are you so worried if daas Torah would approve?? They def wouldn’t approve of u being on social media… so clap you hypocrisy down your throat…

  8. Lipa has done this “dance” step with many other songs. Why has this one suddenly become so popular? Don’t get me wrong, I happen to enjoy Lipa’s singing alot and I don’t see anything wrong with this “trend.” It’s just nothing special so I’m wondering how and why it spread. For everyone else who finds fault with this, I’m old enough to have been around the block many times, and trends come and go quickly. No need to get too upset or nervous about it. Come on, when you were a kid, you didn’t do some silly singing and dancing?

  9. The guy singing on the plane created a TREMENDOUS chillul Hashem, reinforcing bigoted stereotypes that Jews think they own the world, and can do whatever they please wherever they please, etc. Please remember that the way of Yidden in galus is to LAY LOW, not flaunt our presence to hostile nations.
    Did this guy think he was HELPING the increase of anti-Semitism?