Heads of Chassidic Mosdos Hold Urgent Kenos


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belzAn urgent kenos of directors of mosdos affiliated with large chassidic courts was held in Yerushalayim on Thursday, 25 Kislev 5774. The agenda — how to deal with new realities that exist as a result of major budgetary cuts.

As a result of principals and directors speaking with one-another, they learned the issues are system wide and this led to convening the kenos hosted by Boyan Yerushalayim.

One of the ideas discussed was to launch an umbrella group that will fundraise and distribute funds to all mosdos that have joined the joint effort. Another idea is to arrange a major international fundraiser by admorim of the various chassidic courts.

Invited to attend were directors of mosdos from Vishnitz, Belz, Boyan, Karlin, and Sanz. According to Ladaat, the decision was made not to invite Gerre. The report quotes a major askan anonymously, who explains they fear Gur will not play by the rules and develop contacts and allocate the money to its mosdos exclusively. That askan added the ongoing machlokes between Boyan and Gur regarding the old Schneller property in Geula will most likely result in Gur’s refusal to work with Boyan at this time.

The report adds that Boyan is lacking 6-8 million NIS for the upcoming year-and-a-half and the chassidus is working to find the means to fund the fiscal hole. While the chassidus has raised funding for eight months, it sees a bleak future ahead and is acting now to avoid a catastrophe chas v’sholom.

Belze and Vishnitz are also hurting and they were looking in the direction of bringing additional talmidim from abroad, but now, that state funding has been cut by the treasury as well so it is not a viable option.

Participants decided on a combined fundraising mechanism and additional meetings are expected to iron out details towards beginning to work.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I have an easier idea educate the chasidim and let them get white collar jobs, and not just the semi-blue collar jobs they can get now due to their lack of education.

  2. It seems to me that the only solution proposed here is to collect even more money from wealthy donors. Is this a viable long-term solution? It would seem that if they can’t make ends meet today without large donations, then they also won’t be able to make ends meet tomorrow and next year and in the foreseeable future. I hope they are considering more viable long-term solutions than just asking for more tzedakah.

  3. This is the result of flirting with the zionists. Money from goyim is very addicting, but as with all addictions the problem is when you try to get clean. The price of being addicted isn’t always apparent; do tobacco addicts think about cancer when they start smoking – did these hareidim think about having to do military service when they accepted money from the medinah. Note that the non-zionist hasidim aren’t having this problem, since they weren’t hooked on zionist gelt

  4. For the benefit of the talmidim it would have been preferable from the start not to take money from unholy sources unless they only use that money for washing toilets. They should take lessons from Satmar who have been doing this all these years.

    #2 Under the Zionists one can be educated and shmeducated and not be able to work unless you go through 3 years of training to become Jewish Goyim or – at best – to become a kipa srugah wearers.

  5. It is in poor taste to quote a “major askan” & spew pure lashon hara about an entire Chassidus. That entire paragraph was completely extraneous to the article- except to spread machlokes. YWN- I respectfully ask you to check your articles more carefully in the future. Recently I’ve felt that I shouldn’t click on every article because a large percentage aren’t newsworthy except for shmutz. Continue writing this way if you want to become a voice of lashon hara online.

  6. They will learn very quickly that the government was a bigger nadvan than all of their groyse givers. Until we return to a normal lifestyle with a normal economic structure we will be a bunch of shnoorers. All these chasidim need a mix of professionals, laborers, businessmen who work for a living. Those who can learn – should, as best as they can. This is how it was, always, period.