How Will The World Decide When The Pandemic Is Over?

How will the world decide when the pandemic is over?(AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin)

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How will the world decide when the pandemic is over?

There’s no clear-cut definition for when a pandemic starts and ends, and how much of a threat a global outbreak is posing can vary by country.

“It’s somewhat a subjective judgment because it’s not just about the number of cases. It’s about severity and it’s about impact,” says Dr. Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization’s emergencies chief.

In January 2020, WHO designated the virus a global health crisis “of international concern.” A couple months later in March, the United Nations health agency described the outbreak as a “pandemic,” reflecting the fact that the virus had spread to nearly every continent and numerous other health officials were saying it could be described as such.

The pandemic may be widely considered over when WHO decides the virus is no longer an emergency of international concern, a designation its expert committee has been reassessing every three months. But when the most acute phases of the crisis ease within countries could vary.

“There is not going to be one day when someone says, ‘OK, the pandemic is over,’” says Dr. Chris Woods, an infectious disease expert at Duke University. Although there’s no universally agreed-upon criteria, he said countries will likely look for sustained reduction in cases over time.

Scientists expect COVID-19 will eventually settle into becoming a more predictable virus like the flu, meaning it will cause seasonal outbreaks but not the huge surges we’re seeing right now. But even then, Woods says some habits, such as wearing masks in public places, might continue.

“Even after the pandemic ends, COVID will still be with us,” he says.



  1. Hashem runs the entire world. Not Biden Trump or the stock market etc…..

    When klal yisroel wakes up from denial and ACCEPTS Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva Achdus and Kinnus together as one loving nation then Hashem will put a complete stop to this terrible coronavirus Mageifa that’s has already killed MILLIONS R”L with thousands among them hidden and we still have not taken Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva Achdus and Kinnus….. Like we d is in the story of Purim but there as soon as Mordechai and Esther came to us for serious Teshuva and Tefilla we immediately woke up to return to Hashem and boruch Hashem our lives were saved. So what are we waiting for this time during this terrible coronavirus Mageifa? How many millions have already died R”L?

    May we all wake up for serious Teshuva ASAP so this Mageifa can come to a stop and Mashiach can be sent already

  2. There r those who will continue cashing in on the virus and make billions by pushing failed vaccines. Why should they want the pandemic to end?
    There are also those who still choose to hide behind closed doors or cover up in 2 masks, even when sitting alone in a car.
    There r those that don’t want to go back to work, just sit home and collect unemployment.
    And then there’s the small minority who see the actual science, prepare with protocols that work, and kiss the virus good bye.

  3. ‘“There is not going to be one day when someone says, ‘OK, the pandemic is over,’” says Dr. Chris Woods’.

    Hello, Dr Woods, the pandemic IS over, and has been for quite some time now. A sickness that when treated appropriately (I don’t mean only vaccines) presents virtually no serious threat to 95% of the world can only be considered a pandemic by leaders with an agenda (political, financial, or otherwise), and the fools they lead.

    Once more, Dr Woods, THE PANDEMIC IS OVER

  4. Whena Republican takes over the helm of the most powerful country & fires a few somebody’s in the corrupt CDC, FDA & many of the other 3 letter words.