Hamas Practicing Rocket Strikes into Tel Aviv


kasThe IDF during November 2013 detected the launch of eleven M75 rockets from Gaza to the sea, testing the rocket which is capable of reaching Tel Aviv. Almost the same number of test launches was detected in October too.

IDF Colonel Amos Cohen, a Gaza district commander explains terrorists in Gaza are busy preparing for the next confrontation with IDF forces.

In the interim, Israel continues to permit the transport of building materials into Gaza, which includes metallic cylinders and other components of the M75 and other rockets. While the materials are intended for construction, terrorists continue taking what they wish to rearm and prepare for the next military confrontation with Israel. Colonel Cohen told Walla News the policy permitting importation of building materials is being reevaluated.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I wonder what the EU and US will say when rockets land in israel “capital” city tel aviv. what whould they do if rockets landed in their capitals, oh wait its not their capital whey dont have a capital

  2. The Israeli government is just plain nuts. The border with Gaza should have been sealed years ago – nothing going in and nothing going out. With all of the international help they should be able to fend for themselves. I am reminded of the pasuk “lamah shilamtem ra’ah tachas tova”. It seems very appropriate to me.