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Russian Jewish Community Leaders in Brooklyn Condemn Criminal ‘Knockout’ Attacks

knockoutIn the wake of a string of recent attacks linked to a game known as “knockout,” Russian speaking elected officials from Southern Brooklyn issued a joint statement strongly condemning the violent crimes. A bi-partisan group of elected officials, including Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, Councilman-Elect Mark Treyger, Democratic District Leaders Mark Davidovich and Ari Kagan, and Republican District Leaders Boris Pincus and Marcus Nussbaum, urged New York City Police Department (NYPD) and local District Attorneys to arrest and punish the perpetrators of these vicious crimes to the fullest extent of the law, and to allocate resources to local police precincts so they are better able to protect their communities. The statement also calls for educational initiatives teaching tolerance and respect of other cultures.

“Russian Jewish refugees came to the United States to escape anti-Semitism and to enjoy American freedom and civil liberties. We are shocked to learn about recent brutal attacks by teenagers who aggressively punched people in a face ‘just for fun.’ Among victims of these crimes there were children and seniors, men and women, whites and blacks. In New York City, an alarming number of those targeted have been Jewish.

“These attacks are terrorizing communities across Brooklyn, and must be stopped immediately. People are afraid to leave their homes. The randomness of these crimes is what makes them so incredibly scary.

“We are pleased to see a united front of African American and Orthodox Jewish elected officials against hate and senseless violence. We would like to add our voices to these condemnations and to call for strong punishment of criminals, regardless of their age, as well as for additional teachings of tolerance and Holocaust history in public schools.

“This string of attacks illustrates the need for more officers on our streets and just how necessary it is to fully fund the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force. Additionally, we are asking that both the outgoing and incoming District Attorneys prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the law, once they are caught.

“We have learned from our history that we cannot remain silent when people are assaulted and beaten up. We refuse to live in fear, and will redouble our commitment to end this sick and twisted game, once and for all. One attack is one too many,” – said Russian speaking elected officials in their joint statement.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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