Tragedy In Bnei Brak: 21-Yr.-Old Collapses And Dies A Year After Wedding


A 21-year-old Bnei Brak woman suddenly collapsed and died early Wednesday morning after giving birth to a stillborn.

The nifteres, Nechama Shecter, a’h, collapsed in her home overnight Tuesday after feeling unwell and was evacuated to Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital, where doctors engaged in prolonged resuscitation techniques in an attempt to save her life. Unfortunately, they were ultimately forced to declare her death.

The nifteres, a’h, was married only a year ago to Yitzchak Meir Shecter. She was the daughter of HaGaon HaRav Nachum Bauer, Rosh Yeshivas Toras Yaakov, and the granddaughter of HaRav Yerachmiel Bauer, a past mayor of Bnei Brak.

A statement from the hospital said: “A yoledes with no history of preexisting illnesses suddenly collapsed. She underwent prolonged resuscitation by senior multi-professional staff members who fought for her life but to our great sorrow, her death was declared due to an embolism.”

“The staff shares in the sorrow of the family and are doing its best to support them.”

The levaya took place on Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Bnei Brak.

The levaya. (ZAKA Tel Aviv)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. With the fact that she had a stillborn , typical vaccine reaction , and the fact that she “suddenly” died, another typical vaccine reaction … when will people wake up that the vaccine will kill them even a year later, but people are still standing in line to take the death shot. It’s the easiest way to kill out humanity . No need to put them on a cattle car. They are going voluntarily to their death. So sad …

  2. And no one questions…..
    ….stillborn baby….. sudden collapse.
    How much more do we need to see if this before we stop with this vaccine ‘progrom’??

  3. Ydeichesed, we never do autopsies. Stop twisting things. Embolism is one of the causes of death among women who gave birth.
    With you, anti-vaxxers, no proofa are necessary — you just declare that any random death is due to vaccines. Those who did not take the vaccine because of you and died from Covid — their blood is on your hands.

  4. The problem in ongoing biased reporting from this site, is that it consistently mentions quite prominently “unvaccinated” when someone is sick or dies, in article after article after article. And it FAILS to mention vaccinated when someone dies in all these other articles, such as this one. Sudden death. No pre-existing conditions. Young healthy woman. My questions are: Was she vaccinated? How recently was she vaccinated? Which shots did she receive?

  5. mdd1:
    It’s dishonest to label those opposed to the Covid shots as “antivaxxers”.
    Most, if not all, people opposed to the Covid shots were, themselves, fully vaccinated as per their pediatrician’s recommendations when they were kids.

    These shots officially do not prevent infection and do not strop transmission. There also have been numerous reports on VAERS and elsewhere about “adverse reactions” or worse, R”L L”A, to these shots.

    If your medical opinion is that people should anyways inject themselves with these experimental treatments then you can certainly express that opinion if YWN chooses to publish it.

    But please don’t lie or deceive.

  6. To all the commentators here who assume she was vaccinated, no where in the article does it mention that she was vaccinated.
    On the contrary, giving birth to a still born is typical of the unvaccinated! Having a stillborn is a result of having Covid, even if unsymptomatic, as the blood clots formed by Covid will clog the umbilical cord, starving the baby. Likewise the blood clots could also have caused her death.

  7. Mdd1, maybe a bit of research would serve you well.
    In either case, this young mother took all 3 of the vaccines… including during pregnancy

  8. Who can talk against these amazingly effective “vaccines”? Those who got the shot do not get covid-19 and cannot pass it to others. That is an amazingly effective “vaccine”, isn’t it? Furthermore, it has never caused myocarditis , pericarditis, blood clots, stillborns and deaths. It’s simply a marvel, this “vaccine”. Just trust your government, they have no ulterior motives only your best interests at heart.

  9. HaKatan > have been numerous reports on VAERS and elsewhere about “adverse reactions”

    there are multiple research papers from multiple countries about controlled trials and about observations of millions of people who were or were not vaccinated. Consistent result is that adverse reaction from COVID is higher than from vaccine. You may be suspicious about reporting of light symptoms, but no way serious side effects would be suppressed from so many studies.