A 3rd Talmid Yeshiva Sent to IDF Prison 6


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jail3A third talmid yeshiva has been arrested by military police and sentenced to jail in IDF Prison 6. The latest bnei torah arrested by military authorities is a Chabad chossid. The third talmid was not permitted to take his tefilin to jail and he is using tefilin from the litvish inmates, which are not the same nussach as Chabad and he does not have Rabbeinu Tam tefilin. People who have been able to see him report the young talmid’s condition “is not good”.

In Prison 6 there are now bnei yeshivos, one from Kiryat Malachi who learns in Petach Tikvah, one who learns in Rechasim and the Chabad chossid, who was arrested before Shabbos. He appears to be from Kiryat Malachi too.

The young man was given the option of joining the military or going to prison when brought before the military judge and he opted for the latter.

The latest talmid is 18, and military police came to his home during the night while he was home on a break from yeshiva. He pleaded with military police to pass the shul to permit him to take his tefilin but they would not hear of it. Ladaat quotes a brother, Menachem, who reports the police arrived at 3:30 AM. Menachem added the family was pleased to learn there were other talmidim with him so he had tefilin to use during his incarceration. On erev Shabbos an avreich arrived with Rabbeinu Tam and he was permitted to put them on before Shabbos.

The family admits they do not know what to do at present, pointing out they have not been permitted to communicate with their son. Brother Menachem, adds that now he is being punished and when he completes his 10-day term he will be brought before a military judge again and will be asked once again if he is willing to serve in the IDF.

The family explains that someone managed to see him and confirm that he is in Prison 6 with the other bnei yeshivos.

Another protest was held on Sunday afternoon 5 Teves on Nar HaYarden Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh demanding the release of the talmidim. A number of arrests were made.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The infamous knock on the door in the middle of the night, and off you go to a military prision for opposing the regime.

    The zionists claimed their goal was to make the Jews into a nation like all nations. A pity they hadn’t chosen a western democracy as a model.

  2. Get every young talmid to take a sefer and sit and learn on the road into prison 6. There are neither enough jails nor enough judges to handle the numbers. This is the way to defeat this, not one at a time.