Israel: Alarming Surge In Seriously Ill COVID Cases Within A Week

Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center's COVID ward. (Photo: PR)

As predicted by public health experts, Israel is recording a record number of new daily coronavirus cases, with the Health Ministry reporting 17,521 cases in the previous 24 hours, an especially alarming number for a Sunday since the number of people who test over the weekend is generally lower.

Even more alarming is the sharp increase in the number of seriously ill patients. There are currently 523 hospitalized COVID patients, out of whom 208 are seriously ill – more than double the number from just a week ago.

The seriously ill patients include 68 who are critically ill, with 16 patients attached to ECMO machines and 48 ventilated.

The positivity rate is 11.71%, the highest since October 2020.

There are currently 115,010 active COVID cases in Israel. The number of fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 8,259.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hmmm where did Israel go wrong
    They seem to have it worse than many other places
    Maybe it’s the stupid vaccine
    The more u give, the more u get

  2. Let’s not forget that these case/test count figures are exceedingly inaccurate, and thus useless. Since the Medinah ran out of PCR tests and prioritized them for those over sixty, tens of thousands of people are sick with COVID and aren’t getting recorded. The rest of the population was told to conduct antigen tests at home, besides the fact that they’re inaccurate, no one will know. From personal experience I can tell that there are closer to over 50,000 cases a day and a million currently sick. Not that it matters, as the rate of hospitalization is still low, baruch Hashem.

  3. Alarming Surge In Seriously Ill COVID Cases Within A Week This is bennett’s fault, and it would never have come to such an alarming crisis under premiership of Bibi Netanyohu who בע”ה shall speedily become again the Prime Minister.

  4. And how many of these patients are vaccinated?

    Probably most, otherwise they would have pointed it out.

    All the fake vaccine pushers won’t learn a thing, they will just double down and demand everyone get boosters galore

  5. Obviously the solution is more vaccines
    It couldn’t be more clear to everyone
    In fact anyone who suggests that vaccines are not working amazingly and effectively at putting a quit end to this pandemic has a hole in their head

  6. sariray > They seem to have it worse than many other places

    Israel, B’H, does not have it worse, Cumulative mortality over the whole pandemic =, Israel is right in the middle of the pack of European countries. US is, unfortunately, on top, mostly falling behind 2021 last half of the year.

  7. Israel actually has done way better in terms of mortality than almost any other country. They have less than half the deaths per million than all the other European countries (UK, france, Italy, etc).
    A big part of this is the fact that due to large amounts of children, Israel is basically the youngest developed county in the world. In most developed countries the average age is >40. In Israel is 30. As age is a major factor in this disease having a younger population can be a very big factor.

  8. Question for Discussion.

    A Rov was asked:

    You said to us on Rosh Hashonoh that our fate in the next year is decided on Rosh Hashonoh, quoting the words “מי יחיה ומי ימות”.

    So, if everything was decided on Rosh Hashonoh, why do we need to bother with all these restrictions.

    If you were that Rov, what would you say ?