Berlin Rav Meets With German Officials To Prepare For Jewish Refugees

Rav of Berlin, HaRav Yehuda Teichtal, welcomes Jewish refugees from Ukraine. (Jewish community of Berlin)

More and more Jews are fleeing from Ukraine into neighboring countries and even beyond, such as Germany.

An entire yeshivah of 60 bochurim relocated from Dnipro to Düsseldorf in West Germany and two Ukrainian Jewish families, one from Lviv, have been welcomed in Berlin.

“The families couldn’t stop thanking Hashem for the miracle of being saved,” said
Rav Yehuda Teichtal, Rav of Berlin and president of the Chabad Jewish Education Center. “The feelings aren’t simple, the situation isn’t easy, but the ikar is that the families were able to reach a place of safety with us.”

Rav Teichtal met with senior German government officials on Tuesday and stressed the need to prepare for the Jewish refugees who are expected to arrive in the coming days and offered the services of the Jewish community in providing aid, hospitality, and employment.

“The government officials responded positively and ordered the staff of their offices to maintain contact with us,” Rav Teichtel said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)