DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Israeli Police Release Bodycam Footage of Officers In Shootout With Bnei Brak Terrorist


Israeli police have released footage showing the moment two police officers took on the terrorist in Bnei Brak on Tuesday.

In the video, two officers speed towards the scene of the ongoing shooting on a motorcycle. As they near the terrorist, the Arab shot towards them, hitting and killing the police officer driving the motorcycle, identified as Amir Khoury. He sadly succumbed to his injuries.

The second officer, who was only identified as Sgt. 1st Class “R.” returned fire, shooting the terrorist dead in a hail of bullets.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Interesting…. the policeman said on camera that he had ‘a short gun battle with the terrorist’ who ‘fired two bullets at him’. However from this video we can see this did NOT happen- the terrorist did NOT fire ANY bullets at the live policeman.
    The policeman was using a Glock19 which holds 15 bullets. The slide was locked back at the end -so he used an entire 15 round magazine. (A 15 round mag does not fit into a 17 round G17). There were 16 shots fired in this video. One bullet was shot by the terrorist who killed the front policeman, the other 15 bullets were shot by the second policeman….- So we have proof that the second policeman was not shot at….

  2. Uhh, regarding Sugya25 comment…isn’t it obvious if he shot at the police in the front driving that was also a shot at the guy behind him? I kinda doubt that the terrorist was being picky about who he was shooting at. Shooting at two police standing together is the same as shooting at police in general and invites a defensive gun battle from the police. An attack on one police is the same as an attack on all police in that situation. If someone shoots at a police officer he should expect to get shot back at.

  3. I think that when you have only a pistol against a terrorist who just killed the officer in front of you with an assault rifle you’re entitled to shoot him…

  4. It insensitive to chat about it from an academic point of view at this time how would we feel if we were related to the niftar and we were to read the comments
    One thing for the press …..
    Thought the sensor was there to stop this !

  5. There is no ‘niftar’ in this video. The dead policeman was a very brave Christian Arab who ‘dating’ a Jewish girl.

    I’m not saying the terrorist shouldn’t have been shot…just pointing out that we can see in the confusion even the policeman couldn’t get the facts right…..