Ukrainian Refugee Enters The Bris Of Avraham Avinu At Age 31

Costo after the bris. (Photo: Jewish community in Moldova)

Costa, a 31-year-old resident of Kharkiv, was one of the 15,000 Jews who fled to Kishinev, Moldova following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Costa is ultimately heading to Israel but due to bureaucratic issues, he hasn’t yet been able to leave Moldova. Meanwhile, he has been volunteering within the kehilla in Kishinev and assisting other refugees.

Over Shabbos, the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, HaRav Pinchas Saltzman, asked all the attendants to speak about a good decision they once made or a dream they have. When it was Costo’s term, the others were surprised to hear him say that his dream is to fulfill the mitzvah of bris milah.

Rav Saltzman didn’t waste any time and as soon as Shabbos was over, he began arranging for the bris. On Sunday morning, the bris was held at the Agudas Yisrael shul in Kishinev. The mohel was a frum local doctor who also serves as a mohel. Vayikra shemo b’Yisrael: Noam Gershon.

“In the last month, we have known many moments of great sadness and pain,” HaRav Saltzman said. “The losses that the Ukrainian refugees have suffered are unbearable. And then, within the deep darkness…we were zochech to bring a Jew into the bris of Avraham Avinu. The most moving moments here are when can bring some happiness to these dear Jews and this was undoubtedly one of the highlights.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)