DYING BREATHS: Just-Launched CNN+ Already Looks Doomed

CNN (Photo: Ayush on Flickr)

CNN+, a paid subscription news service intended to provide viewers with additional content, is on its last legs, just days after officially launching to the public.

Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns the company, has suspended all its external marketing for the platform and has laid off CNN’s chief financial officers as it grapples with its options for the failing CNN+.

Thus far, CNN+ has about 150,000 subscribers, and CNN executives think the rollout has been successful; Warner Bros. Discovery disagrees. According to reports, Warner Bros. Discovery wants to instead build one giant service around its successful HBO Max streaming service.

The imminent death of CNN+ is being blamed on bad timing and strategic misalignment. Part of the problem was that Warner Bros. Discovery executives limited communication with CNN executives about the rollout due to concerns about regulatory scrunity.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)