HISTORIC: BMG to Hold Massive “Warriors of Torah” Stadium Event


Beth Medrash Govoha will be holding a monumental event on June 12th to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the historic partnership between yeshiva yungerleit and baalebatim, spearheaded by philanthropist Lazer (Louis) Scheiner.

The “Warriors in Torah” event will be held in the 8,000-seat Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton and will be attended by the Lakewood roshei yeshiva as well as numerous other rabbanim and gedolim from across America.

Under the partnership, millions of dollars have been raised to triple the kollel checks of BMG yungerleit, which comes at a cost of roughly $57,000,000 a year.



  1. its the same place as dirshu which ,makes sense , but thats going to be a very tough act to follow
    i am sure it will be beautiful although bizman hazeh 8000 seats is not much for the metro area

  2. Nice. I just hope they honor the yungerleit that have been there for the past 50 years (Rav Hershel Levenberg, Rav Chaskel Rotkin, Rav Osher Chaim Leiberman etc.), and not the oligarchs of Lakewood.