BLOW TO STRAUSS: Health Ministry Closes Factory For 3 Months

Health Ministry Director Prof. Nachman Ash speaks to the press after touring the Strauss factory. (Kan News screenshot); Tufinit Neapolitans sold at Osher Ad were added to the recall.

Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash announced on Thursday that following the discovery of salmonella in the Elite chocolate factory, leading to the largest recall in Israeli history, the factory will be closed for three months.

Ash made the announcement after touring the factory in Natzeret together with other senior health officials.

“We decided to suspend the Strauss factory’s quality standard for three months,” Ash said. “The factory will not be permitted to manufacture and market their products. This quality standard is required by factories of this size.”

“The factory is going through a rapid learning process. There are many lessons to be learned before the factory can be opened again. The quality standard will be restored only after we ensure that all lessons have been learned, all the procedures are completed and we can be certain that not only is the production line clean of contamination but it won’t become contaminated in the future. There are many conclusions that the factory must draw in order for the production line to operate again.”

The company Tufinit, whose products are mainly sold in Osher Ad stores, are recalling their products that were made with the tainted Elite chocolate.

The recalled products are milk and bittersweet chocolate Neapolitans with dates of “best used” before 01/02/23 to 28/02/23.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They deserve to be shut down. By their very own admission they knew there were pigeons on the factory floor with the open hot chocolate. That is sheer negligence! Their operating license should be revoked.

  2. The recalled products are milk This is a terrible blow with שבועות so fast approaching, but should be up & running just in time for dreaded 9 days, which this year has an entire full week of שבוע שחל בו

  3. The Hashgocho should have a requirement that the products supervised must be “Clean & Pure” as well as Kosher. How can a Mashgiach allow pigeons to defecate into the liquid chocolate (as stated by Strauss CEO) and still give it a Hashgocho?? FEH!!!!

  4. On a more serious note:
    I am impressed and amazed and how they owned up and took full responsibility. You almost never hear companies speak like this in the US. Companies would rather pay out billions of dollars as long as they don’t admit guilt. I commend them for it. It’s unfortunate it has to come to people getting sick but at least they are taking responsibility and I am sure they have learnt their lesson.