3 Israelis Die Of Suspected Food Poisoning At Special Needs Shelter

Ohalei Tzadikim

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Three residents of the Beit Dafna special needs shelter in Holon passed away within two days, the Welfare Ministry reported on Monday. At least eight other residents are hospitalized, with one in critical condition.

According to the ministry, several of the residents began feeling ill in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning and suffered from diarrhea. A doctor was called but one of the residents who had a complex medical background lost consciousness shortly later. MDA paramedics were called to the scene and tried to resuscitate her but ultimately were forced to declare her death.

Three additional residents were evacuated to Wolfson Hospital in Holon and two of them, who had underlying medical issues, passed away on Monday morning. The third resident is still hospitalized in critical condition. Later on Monday, several additional residents were hospitalized and several others were hospitalized overnight Monday. Additional residents are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting but are only mildly ill.

The Health Ministry stated that preliminary findings indicate food poisoning but it has not yet been confirmed. Police officers were seen entering the shelter on Monday evening.

The staff at the shelter reported the incident to the Welfare Ministry, and the Health Ministry sent a team to the shelter, where they found several deficiencies in the kitchen. The ministry opened an investigation and ordered the kitchen to be closed until the end of the investigation. Food will be provided to the residents by an external source.

Additionally, a professional team from the Welfare Ministry is assisting the center’s staff in caring for the residents and will continue to do so until all issues are addressed. The Health Ministry is also establishing an investigative commission to review the shelter’s management.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)