IDF Military Police at Yeshiva Dorm During the Night


idflIDF military police arrived at a yeshiva dormitory, a Belze yeshiva in the N’vei Yosef neighborhood of Haifa.

Ladaat reports that a talmid explains the military police arrived at about 1:00 AM on 28 Teves 5774. The police arrived in a police vehicle. The policemen made eye contact with a talmid looking out of a window, instructing him to open the gate for them.

The night counselor refused to open the gate for police. The police identified themselves as IDF military police but the gate remained closed. The counselor explained his instructions prohibit him from opening the gate. The police then began banging on the door but after a period of time they abandoned the effort, turned around and left.

Talmidim believe they were looking for a particular talmid, one who lives abroad but was born in Israel. He was summoned to an induction center two years ago but decided to ignore the order.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They are real “police” – they are soldiers. While military police have some law enforcement functions within an army, when sent to deal with civilians they are simply soldiers being sent to intimidate the civilians. That they came in the middle of the night suggests they are either afraid or know they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing – the proverbial “knock on the door in the middle of the night” is what happens only in the sorts of countries with gulags and concentration camps, and the Israeli calim to aspire to be a western democracy.

  2. Well, yes, if you’re summoned to appear and you don’t, then they come looking for you. That’s the way it works in any civilized country.

    As for the night counselor: he should be charged with obstructing police who are carrying out their duty.

  3. @akuperma
    They come in the middle of the night because the chance of catching someone then is higher, nothing more nothing less, when you come during the day a person may be out doing whatever they do when you come at a time that 90% of people are having a conversation with their pillow the chance that you will find whoever you are looking for is high.

    Nothing specifically charedi about coming at night, arrests often happen at night whether it’s people who are AWOL, Arab terrorists or Israeli criminals….

    And “intimidate civilians”, someone who is AWOL whether or not they went through induction is still considered a member of the army, in other countries a draft dodger would also be picked up by MPs and not ‘regular’ police.

  4. It appears that they must have not had a warrant, because if they did have one then there was no reason for them to back down. They would’ve brought in the local police to help out. The fact that they left is a sign that they did not have a court order to enter and therefore could do nothing to force entry. In such a case the gatekeeper was within his rights to deny entry. There was no obstruction of the law!