APPROVED: New Chareidi Neighborhood Near Sanhedria Murchevet

Construction blueprint. אמציה אהרונסון - אדריכל ומתכנן ערים

A plan for a new Chareidi neighborhood in Jerusalem near Sanhedria Murchevet was recently approved by Mayor Moshe Lion in the municipal local planning and construction committee.

The new housing complex will be built on an area of approximately 18,200 meters on the northern edge of Sanhedria Murchevet.

The approved plan includes 372 housing units and areas for commercial space and public open spaces.

“The Jerusalem Municipality works to advance construction plans in all the city’s neighborhoods, with an emphasis on housing solutions in the old neighborhoods, while addressing the characteristics of the population living in the neighborhood and addressing the needs of residents – which is also reflected in this program,” Lion said. “Jerusalem’s Chareidi public needs more housing units in the city, and we will continue to approve more and more customized construction plans for Chareidim.”

Reb Eliezer Rauchberger, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor and chairman of the Planning and Building Committee, said: “This is great news for the Chareidi public who has lived in Jerusalem for many years as well as for Chareidim outside Jerusalem who are seeking to move to the capital.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)