VIDEO TESTIMONY: Elad Residents Say Police Officer At Scene Didn’t Shoot Terrorist


A number of Elad residents who witnessed the terrible scene on Thursday night reported that a policeman nearby saw the scene unfold but didn’t shoot the terrorist.

Mordechai, a 40-year-old Elad resident, said that he saw the terrorists yelling Allahu akbar and smashing their axes on people’s heads.

A security guard nearby started pulling out his gun but before he could shoot, one of the terrorists swung his ax at him and critically injured him.

Mordechai added that there was also a police officer nearby who witnessed the scene but didn’t shoot his gun. They yelled at him: “Shoot, shoot” but he failed to respond. “He was scared to shoot,” Mordechai said.

Several young teens who witnessed the scene corroborated Mordechai’s account, saying that there was a police officer nearby who didn’t shoot and the terrorists fled into the forest. One boy said that there was also a soldier nearby who didn’t shoot but that fact has not been confirmed.

In general, Elad residents are extremely critical of the response to the attack. It took the police over ten minutes to arrive at the scene. The city, which only has two entrances and exits, was not closed off after the attack, allowing the terrorists to escape. Additionally, there is no guard stationed at the entrance to the city and no emergency squad.

“The writing wasn’t written on the wall, it was engraved on the wall,” said Yaniv Badlov, a member of the Elad City Council. He told Kan News that he warned the mayor and the police about the ease with which illegal infiltrators [Palestinians] entered the city.

Watch interviews with witnesses of the attack below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “He was scared to shoot” because for too many police officers that boomeranged on them. They are expected to correctly process a scene playing out in front of their eyes then they are judged by hindsight vision. They are crippled by a system that doesnt understand that as a crime unfolds it is impossible to know everything. If they act impulsively or by reflex, and it is judged to be wrong because of information they didnt have, they are punished harshly. They feel vulnerable. A mistake is worse than doing nothing. No one will blame them for doing nothing.

  2. @david this is a disgusting thought. The city chose not to man the guard booths. The police bungled this, sure. But the army was out in full force the entire night.

    I pass through Elad regularly, and it’s a beautiful town full of Torah and generally, very respectful. On the streets you encounter all kinds of Jews, and the police and the residents get along very well.

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  4. to the first comment:
    I do not believe your name is david.
    I am also convinced that you are not Jewish.
    The arabs know about this website.