Chessed of Lakewood Launches Emergency Formula Gemach as Crisis Deepens


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With no end in sight for the baby formula shortage and many parents panicking over being unable to feed their infants, Chessed of Lakewood has launched an Emergency Formula Gemach.

The gemach is intended to help those both at home and in hospitals who are in dire need of formula to ensure that their infant gets the proper nutrition.

There are many children in the community who are also on special diets and require specialized formulas, which have become almost impossible to come by.

The gemach has four drop-off sites for those who are able to donate formula – in Lakewood, Howell, Toms River, and Manchester.


  1. Bring them from EY! There’s plenty of it over here, of all types! Askanim etc. should look into bringing in some from israel…

  2. Maybe they can also accept donated mothers milk. Most children can tolerate it, but for various reasons their mother can not nurse them herself. If there chv becomes a real serious shortage then this may be the only solution. There are already mother’s milk gemachim in many areas but it’s worth expanding now.

  3. Welcome to Bidens America
    Billions being sent overseas to his buddies in Ukraine where no doubt most of it will be stolen
    If the US really cared about lives lost they would send money to South Africa so people can have running water and good to survive instead of involving themselves in yet another senseless war that’s not their problem
    And our totally corrupt and useless FDA which knew MONTHS before about the contamination in the plant and didn’t do diddly squat about it until several babies died. And now they’re taking their sweet time getting the plant back up and running. Trump would’ve had it done yesterday. And imported formula in the meantime.

  4. Fear not, brainless Brandon will hold a news conference where he:

    – blames all Republicans for these shortages
    – brags that this is an indication of how well the U.S. economy is doing
    – castigates formula industry CEO’s for artificially manipulating the market
    – claims that this proves why abortion on demand must remain legal and unrestricted
    – appoints his neighing, horse-faced Vice President to spew her usual inane word-salad
    – directs his Minister of Truth to charge complaining mothers as threats to national security

    which Dorah and company will parrot and defend on YWN.

  5. Two headlines worth noting today in regard to this baby formula shortage:

    1) Stockpiles of Baby Formula Sent to Ukraine; and
    2) Illegal Migrants Get Pallets of Baby Formula.

    This is our current President and Administration at work.