AGAIN: Hospital Staff Attacked By Dozens Of Arabs, Hospitals On Strike


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Two days after dozens of Arabs attacked medical staff and destroyed property in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, another violent incident occurred on Wednesday evening at the Galilee Medical Center in the northern Israeli city of Nahariya.

Dozens of members of an Arab family tried to forcefully break their way into the hospital’s trauma room after they were informed of the death of their relative following a motorcycle accident.

The Arabs beat up security guards and anyone else in the way. A small part of the incident can be seen below:

The security guards, who felt their lives were at risk, sprayed pepper spray in order to evict the rioters out of the trauma room and called the police to provide backup forces.

Several security guards were lightly injured in the incident.

“It was awful,” one of the hospital’s security guards told Channel 12 News. “It lasted around 20 minutes but it felt like forever. This time it ended without anyone seriously injured but the writing is on the wall.”

“In a recent previous incident, one of our security guards was severely attacked by Arabs, who received a ridiculously light sentence of probation and a petty fine. There is no deterrence, unfortunately.”

A strike is taking place at hospitals and clinics across Israel on Thursday in protest of the violence medical staff have been subject to. The Israel Medical Association announced the strike on Tuesday, following the incident in Hadassah Hospital but prior to the latest incident in Nahariya.

Hospitals and clinics are operating on “Shabbat mode,” carrying out only life-saving procedures.

Prof. Tzion Hagay, the chairman of the Medical Association, said: “We have repeatedly said that we won’t accept any more incidents of violence in the health system but unfortunately it has become a real epidemic. Doctors’ lives aren’t hefker and this strike is only a warning. We won’t hesitate to take additional steps if the government does not immediately address the issue and protect the personal security of medical staff.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We fully support our Palestinians heroes for taking this matter next level.

    It’s time to get to stand up against doctors and nurses that intentionally neglecting the well being of patients. We still remember so many beloved fellow covid patients where left dying in the hospitals

  2. This government and previous governments have been very ineffective with the Arab problem

    One day people will realize what Kahana and many others realized 50 years ago

  3. it is Assur to give lifesaving treatment to the enemies of your nation. totally Assur and Immoral.

    this isn’t just a bad strategy or a waste of resources or a waste of time, it is against the torah to do such things and such things come with punishments; we already understand how the Arabs are in Israel and what they think of us (and what they would do to us if they could).

    compassion to those who do evil is not compassion, it is wicked.

    we are essentially asking Hashem to punish us extra for no reason by continuing to do this while believing we are “righteous” and “ethical”.

    hopefully we got the warning so we could avoid Tzaar for our nation and things will change forthwith!

    but knowing israel and the secular IL govt I highly doubt it will…

  4. When an Arab dies while in the custody of Jewish doctors, many Arabs naturally suspect and blame the doctors for the death. Their distrust isn’t entirely baseless. It probably stems from actual abuses within the medical establishment, e.g., doctors in prisons and detainment centers that drug prisoners, political abuse of psychiatry in places like Kfar Shaul. Like, literally, if an Arab ever got electrocuted in custody there, it was likely a Soviet-trained “Jewish” medical doctor that administered it. There is no solution besides only Arabs treating Arabs. If an Arab treated by Arab doctors died and their family knew so, the fam wouldn’t riot. This is what happens when authoritarians try to force a multicultural paradise on mutually hostile nations.