Uproar After HaRav Mazuz Compares Lieberman, Lapid To Nazis

HaGaon HaRav Meir Mazuz (Photo: Ezra Trabelsi)

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Rosh Yeshivas Kisei Rachamaim HaRav Meir Mazuz harshly censured Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Motzei Shabbos, calling them “worse than Nazis.”

HaRav Mazuz said during his weekly shiur: “There are many reshaim there – we hope that this government will disappear from the world. Finance Minister Lieberman and alternate prime minister Lapid…alternate (chaluf) means pig in Arabic….they made a decision to choke the avreichim.”

“It’s unbelievable, they give as much as possible to the Arabs. They betray their people, they hate their people, they’re worse than Nazis. At least the Nazis loved their own people but these people hate their people. They want to destroy children, the elderly and Talmudei Chachamim. Why do they want to destroy the Torah? It’s through the Torah’s merit that we’ve survived for 2,000 years.”

Reports of HaRav Mazuz’s remarks sparked a political uproar on Sunday. Lapid responded by stating: “HaRav Mazuz, the Nazis murdered my grandfather in the concentration camp, they tried to destroy my father in the ghetto. The only answer I have for your comments is that I love all of Am Yisrael and I wish HaRav Mazuz a Yom Yerushalayim Sameach, a day of achdus and ahavas Yisrael.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said: “Even at the height of controversy and anger – we won’t compare our brothers to the greatest of our oppressors.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz tweeted: “I strongly condemn the words of HaRav Mazuz which border on trivializing the Holocaust. Jerusalem, which was taken from us due to baseless hatred was united on the basis of our fortitude and unity. Davka on this day, we should remember the importance of love between us.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. you quote the yeshiva as ‘Yeshivas Kisse Rachamim,’ i think everyone in that sephardi yeshiva says ‘Yeshivat Kisse Rachamimi,’ Please at least give Sephardi Jewry the honor of pronouncing there yeshiva in there pronounciation!!!

  2. Gotta love three michalellei shabbos, ochlei neveilos utreifos, people who dont give two shoots about Hashem, His Torah or Mitzvos, giving faux mussar to a gaon and gadol. What a bunch of retards.

  3. Exaggeration by Sephardi rabbis is a habit picked up over generations of living in Arab countries. they are often unable to control themselves and say the most outrageous things. it is a first-rate desecration of God’s name

  4. These governments officials are DELUSIONAL.
    They don’t address their pure hatred they have for the religious community.
    They don’t admit that have bought and paid for the Arabs at the expense of religion community.
    They instead say Nazi are bad don’t compare us to them.
    Well AS THE RABBI SAID THE NAZI’s LOVED THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Power hungry Jews are notorious for selling out their own people.
    (Ordered to bomb and spray bullets the ships with Jews carrying ammunition off the coast when he knew full well that there are Jews on board). He said BLESSED ARE THE BULLETS THAT SPRAY THE SHIP.
    These offshoots of pigs have the same mentality.
    “But” the judge said “we are enlightened people who love our fellow men” and have compassion for a terrorist who attempts to murder Jews and let him out early so he can go kill more innocent people in streets.
    That judge is akin to Ben Gourion a gang of murder and consciousless rulers, slaves are ruling us.

  5. It indeed says in multiple places that taking away money is equivalent to taking life – discussion between Yaakov and Elifaz and also Givonim losing their jobs when Nov was destroyed (Yevamos). The only difference is that Elifaz took Yaakov’s money and Givonim lost their jobs, where here haRav is complaining about Israeli taxpayer money being taken from him. I would make the case that excessive taxation in Israel, as much as it is not justified by defense needs, takes away lives of working Israelis and leaves them less time to learn Torah and listen to Rav’s lectures.

  6. the fact that i didnt hear about any bilateral budget cuts to arabs and culture stuff shows they have evil intent. however small government is most likely to keep everyone happy.

  7. Let’s be careful about our Kavod Hatorah obligation especially this week, the week of Shavuos. We common folk should be careful about what we say about the Gedolei Yisroel, whether or not his comments sit well with us.

  8. I think from reading these comments, Sinas Chinam is alive and well in the Jewish community. Nobody should be compared to Nazis. Stop the name calling. If chareidim don’t like being treated poorly, lead by example. Make a kiddush hashem and treat others with respect.

  9. Interesting how the politicians who with their gzeirus are causing divide, hatred and lack of achdus, reply to Rav Mazuz’s words that we must concentrate on creating achdus. Whether his words were severe or not, he was reacting to the divide and lack of achdus this government represents. There seems to be irony in their response.

  10. What if an evil Zionist does act like a Nazi or worse? If they cannot be called out this way then what will stop them. Just because it sounds “outrageous” doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

  11. To DrYidd and others who pronounce the couture “Sepharadi” rather than massages, a reminder.

    It was the in Ashkenazim that Reform and conservative was born out of.
    It was the Ashkenazi community that brutally sold out our religion for acceptance and fame by following
    Mandelson. 99.99% of Jewish distruction in the past 500 years was brought about by Ashkenazi European Jews. The intermarriage the wholesale religious abandonment has desemated more Jews because of Ashkenazi community. You DrYidd think you are the Elite, the thinker, why did you sale out the religious Jews? Hate is in your blood.
    You and fellow ideologue should be ashamed because the ignorant people like have not yet learned lessons of history.
    Shame on you.

  12. I’m still trying to understand why it’s an outrageous statement! I think anyone with half a brain agrees that jews from the inside that are working tirelessly and doing everything they can to uproot Judaism is worse than Nazis… we all know why chanuka is greater than Purim , the greeks try to destroy our souls but haman only try to destroy our bodies if we all take a minute and think about it we would all clearly agree that the Nazis tried to destroy us physically and everyone who died through them is up in heaven among holy people on the other hand these clowns in the left are trying to do everything possible to kill our souls and obviously that’s a lot worse … so I’m not even sure why this is news to be honest everybody’s subscribing to this website or part of the yeShiva community or any religious community essentially believes this unless they may get thrown off when they hear the word Nazis and get all defensive before they even know why…. Dr Yid , kach and others you guys besides being complete intellectual idiots are also digging your own grave, wake up! I would never want to have that kind of stain on my soul speaking out against gedolim that know kol hatora kula! May god have mercy on your souls

  13. A Jew remains a Jew irrespective of his deeds. We need to try to bring every Jew closer to Yiddishkeit. Criticism and insults will not do the trick. Look at Chabad, that’s the way to go, with love and warmth.

  14. We go ballistic when some dumb politician invokes Nazi/Hitler y’s comparisons but its “ok” for some Rave to engage in the same disgusting behavior? I think not.
    The shoah was a unique event/tragedy in our history and these stupid comparisons trivialize the memory of the kedoshim.

  15. paying people to pray is perfect…..no other words ….Torah learning equals all aspects of making money…..let them pray for my being and all of yours and let us keep up paying them……it is the least we can do for Hashem

  16. This story is embarrassing, the responses here are embarrassing and in general this makes me embarrassed to be associated with.

  17. This “Rabbi” thinks his “opinion” is actually worth something!
    Why are these clowns think they represent G_d? Don’t Christian and Muslims have something like that! How well is that working out for us?

  18. It’s an interesting proposition. Does the Israeli government treat Charedim better or worse than the Nazi government treated Germans?

  19. Wouldn’t it be intellectually honest – and daring – for YWN to make the heading, “Uproar After HaRav Mazuz Compares the Lieberman, Lapid’s Treatment of Charedim To Nazis’s Treatment of Germans”? Imagine how much less sinas chinam – literally chinam – this would cause!