End Of An Era: Yaakov Litzman Resigns After 23 Years In The Knesset


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UTJ MK Yaakov Litzman on Wednesday afternoon submitted his resignation to Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy after 23 years in the Knesset.

Litzman’s resignation was a condition of the plea deal reached in a case against him for a single charge of fraud and breach of trust.

His position in the Knesset will be replaced by the next person on the UTJ list, former MK Yaakov Tessler, a representative of Vizhnitz. However, until a new government is formed, Litzman will continue to serve as a significant figure in the UTJ outside the Knesset.

Litzman meets with Tessler shortly before his resignation. (Avi Ravina Twitter)

A decision has already been made by the Gerrer Rebbe that Litzman will be replaced in the next Knesset by Yitzchak Goldknoff, 72.

Goldknoff is the secretary of the Vaadas HaRabbanim for Kedushas HaShabbos, the director of the Beis Yaakov kindergarten and daycare network, and previously served as the Gerrer representative at the Jerusalem municipality.

The decision was made on Tuesday night after a meeting between Goldknoff and the Gerrer Rebbe.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. there honestly should be no Chareidim serving under a Zionist flag period, it is a bizoyon to see a frum Yid sit next to a Zionist flag.

  2. According to Maharam Shik this was an argument between Miryam and Amrom. Amrom divorced his wife and did not want the religious to get married not to have the boys born killed. Which according to the Chasam Sofer would have brought Meshiach as the souls in the guf were used up. It looks like it was filled as needed. So Miryam argued as the reshaim will not listen and get married anyway, Meshiach will not come and we will produce reshaim instead. Similarly, if they don’t join the Knesset, the reshaim will only have a say there and no tzadikim.

  3. Karl,
    That flag represents the Yidden, Frum and not yet frum, who live in Eretz Yisrael in the year 5782.
    Welcome to this century.

  4. I think this is headline is a great opportunity to begin to discuss ger the chassidus, in light of all the evil events of some of its adherents last week….

  5. Our representatives follow Daas Torah . There is a major consensus Halacha Lemayseh on that. Harav Shach zatzal was outspoken and he represented our values.

  6. karlbenmarx:
    Of course, you are right.

    Rav Reuven Grozovsky wrote a whole sefer, biayos haZman, in which he covers the Agudah (never mind Satmar which is even more stringent on this) position that it was absolutely forbidden for a frum Jew to join the Zionists in their parliament unless a number of specific conditions were met; of course, those conditions are not being met.

  7. there should be nothing but more Chareidim serving in the Israeli Knesset to turn the tables of Israeli politics around in Hashem’s favour.

  8. So, karlbenmarx, you understand these issues better than the members of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah. Good to know. Remind me to come to you for a brochoh when I need one.

  9. “it is a bizoyon to see a frum Yid sit next to a Zionist flag…”

    And a busha to have allowed such incompetence to have responsibility for public health and welfare issues which he mismanaged beyond belief under Bibi.

  10. Please note why the man resigned. He probably avoided jail time for protecting a pedophile by threatening government psychiastrists, opposed legislation curbing cigarette advertisement in magazines( a major source of income for magazine his wife edits,)
    But the guy is a tsadik and his operators are even bugger ones

  11. Hakatan (1:04) didnt just misquote R; R” Grozovsky in Bayos Hazman he quoted him saying the exact opposite of what he actually writes. In the sefer it discusses at length the agudahs position as to why we should sit in the kenesset. he does NOT list any conditions btw this was not a sefer that R’ R’ Grozvsky wrote. It was collected writings that were collected and published under the title Bayos Hzman after his Petirah.