Mayor de Blasio Pledges To Follow Through With Restoration of Priority 5-7 Vouchers


de blasio city hallMayor Bill de Blasio promised Tuesday to find a way to reinstate priority 7 after-school care vouchers for private schools, as well as priority 5 childcare vouchers.

Speaking to reporters at a City Hall press conference, the mayor pledged to keep up his campaign promise of reinstating the 12-year-old, $16 million program that Mayor Michael Bloomberg eliminated in 2010, but would not offer a time frame.

“I don’t have a time frame yet. I said throughout the last year that I intend to do that, and I look forward doing it,” Mayor de Blasio told YWN. “You know that I fought for years to divert [the elimination]. I think it was a deeply unfair action by the previous administration to cut them fully at a 100 percent cut. I look forward to restoring it as quickly as possible, but I can’t give you a timeline until we have a little more chance to research this.”

In a meeting with Orthodox Jewish leader in March of 2013, Mr. de Blasio promised to restore the vouchers, “not as some kind of giveaways” but as “an act of fairness.”

The Mayor also express his hope that the discretionary reform in the new City Council will lead to the ultimate goal of putting an end to member items.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. I know this is YWN, but please edit your pieces before you post them, or hire people who speak and write simple English correctly and grammatically.

    Also, real news pieces explain things, so that when someone reads about a voucher program being reinstated, they are able to understand what said program entails.