HaGaon HaRav Mutzafi: “Electric Scooters Are Horrible Killing Devices”


HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Mutzafi, a leading Sefardic Posek in Eretz Yisroel, called electric scooters “horrible killing devices” in response to a question about a recent tragic accident in Israel.

HaRav Mutzafi was asked about the recent incident in Petach Tikvah, during which a 13-year-old was killed after being hit by a car while he was riding an electric scooter. The same evening, another resident of Petach Tikvah, a 30-year-old avreich who was injured while riding on an electric scooter last week, passed away.

HaRav Mutzafi referred to the incident: “There’s no police, there’s no deterrence, no governance. Day after day, we witness boys ‘flying’ back and forth at the most congested intersections with these horrible killing electric scooters. There’s not even a shadow of a police presence and nissim occur that no one is injured or killed, but today it happened.”

“I suggest to every parent who has a son or daughter who owns an electric scooter or bike to hang a list of those killed by these destructive devices in a central place in their homes and to warn their household members about these incidents. And the Borei Olam should bring peace on us and all of Yisrael.”


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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Such a sad situation that we are in! It is essential that people should realise that those machines are not toys. They are high speed vehicles that offer no protection to their users. If anyone has the power to do so, let’s see a licensing and insurance system being put in place. Maybe that would help. Hshem yerachem.

  2. It’s not the machines that are killers, but those using them.

    Unfortunately, Hefkerus in one matter doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but is symptomatic of a general malaise of not listening to authorities.

    The so-called leaders need to look inwards and see if they are projecting an image of civilised citizens in the country they live in.

  3. In Boro Park, my mother’s zt”l friend who seriously barely walked, just last year was hit by a young boy riding these most dangerous electric scooter. She broke her hip and the boy did not even stop to apologize. Some of these scooters also blew up from defective batteries, especially in the heat. You cannot walk on the sidewalk anymore and the parents are at fault. They are killing the kids, not to mention the Chillul Hashem of Ve’nishmartem Meod. May Hashem Save Us from this stupidity !!!

  4. Lately I am seeing so many yeshivah bochurim on there electric scooters all over the streets in Flatbush/ Boro park
    Almost all of them with no helmets and driving it superfast between cars and the sidewalk. Don’t they realize that all they need is Chas veshalom someone to open there car once they are parked and wack them? Or hit them while they are turning especially when they speed between cars!!!
    At least wear a lousy helmet! The black hat won’t help much. I am shocked how stupid parents can be. I personally knew a young bachur tragically killed driving a scooter. All the Yeshivas should ban them! We are living in a Zoo. Hashem Yazor.

  5. Let’s start with helmets for bicycles, Ebikes and EScooters. Padded jackets and pants are what are worn by any serious motorcyclist. Let’s add skateboard and regular scooters to the list. Simple solutions first.

  6. If all you wealthy Americans would dish out some more cash to your Yungeleit living in E”Y, the way you did for those in Lakewood. Then maybe just maybe we could purchase a safer car to get around. So stop Kuching and make a difference!!

  7. @tide1808, Hate to burst your bubble, but your logic is flawed. Planes and cars are governed by law and insurance. Ovens are not a threat to the public. Riding a scooter is a danger to the person riding it as well as the public.

  8. Why the cocern only for the safety of the (idiotic) riders – What ablout the threat to innocent road and sidewalk users? I know several eldery and vulnerable people who are petrified to go out lest they become a target of these meacing misguided misssiles!!

  9. BencKvatcher: I guess they don’t have used cars, buses, subways, taxis Uber, Lyft or carrier pigeons in your “Yeshivavelt”. And of course, the $20 cost of a protective helmet is just way too much and would likely mean foregoing chulunt on Thursday nights until Tisha B’av. It is much easier to simply engage in self-destructive and potentially suicidal behavior

  10. BenchKvatcher > Bec its all we can afford to get around

    It seems that this is Daas Torah that this is sakanah (unless there are other gedolim who permit this – who did you ask?), then you probably need to find a solution that is kosher. you poretz geder with scooters veein l’davar sof. What is next – eating pork because it is cheaper?! Eating chalav hacompanies just because it is healthier? Anyway, I hope someone could bring opinions that this is mutar, maybe YWN did not ask other gedolim.