MUSH FOR BRAINS: Biden Makes Claim, Contradicts Himself Seconds Later [VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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President Joe Biden made obviously contradictory statements in the span of thirty seconds while speaking to reporters.

Asked by a journalist whether he’s yet decided if he will make a widely discussed potential trip to Saudi Arabia, Biden said, “No, not yet.”

But then, a second reporter followed up, asking what would be holding up his decision over the trip and whether he’s waiting for certain commitments from the Saudis.

“No, no,” Biden responded. “The commitments from the Saudis don’t relate to anything having to do with energy.”

“There happens to be a larger meeting taking place in Saudi Arabia. That’s the reason I’m going,” Biden continued.

So, in under 30 seconds, the quickly aging president of the United States said he had not yet made a decision whether he will go to Saudi Arabia, only to say – seconds later! – that he is indeed going.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Headline is disrespectful. If you disagree with the President – you must do it respectfully – and also show respect for the Presidency. The headline is also childish and not in the Yiddishe veg.

  2. If he wouldn’t have caused me and millions of other Americans to lose so much, I would really be feeling bad for him at this point.

  3. The man is going to help Israel’s national security and YWN is taking cheap shots. Clearly, he meant, “that is why I am planning a trip.” I hated when the media took cheap shots at Trump and I dont like it when its directed at Biden.

  4. “Mush for Brains” is a perfectly accurate description of napper-in-chief, Brainless Brandon who deserves no respect whatsoever. On a daily basis, he disrespects the Presidency with his gross incompetence, blatant lies and finger pointing. Keep up the accurate reporting, YWN!

  5. I would like to remind everyone that Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky (may his memory be blessed) advised all of us to act and behave like a guest. If you don’t want to act like a guest, at least act like a Mentsch.
    This headline is extremely disrespectful and it is also not true (fake news). Hashem is the one who made sure that Joe Biden will become President. Please show respect for the man that Hashem chose.

  6. Why in heavens name should we have respect for a demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating terrorist loving old hair sniffing pervert.
    This terrorist loving traitor in chief, deliberately left 50 billion of the most sophisticated arms to the number one murderous terrorists ! the Taliban.
    This same terrorist loving zombie, is working hard to revitalize the deadly Obama nuclear deal with the murderous Mullah” of Iran, that will enable them to have a nuclear bomb within five years.
    This same evil terrorist loving zombie was the only one in Obama’s cabinet, to vote against eliminating the monster “Osama bin laden “.
    This traitor in chief, who’s number job as commander in chief, is to protect our borders, is not lifting a finger as we are being invaded by millions of illegal criminals and gangsters and drug dealers, as a matter of fact , this traitor actually encourages the invasion.
    This same Socialist fool, single handedly wrecked our great economy, with 50 year high inflation. with his reckless socialist policy’s and wasting of trillions of dollars in hair brained socialist spending.

    Not only shouldn’t we have respect for this destroyer in chief, but we should make sure in the coming Nov.elections, that every single DemonRat gets vomited out by the electorate, and Republicans take back the house and Senate with a big enough majority, and impeach this zombie and send him back to his basement or mental asylum.

  7. Avraham,

    Hashem also made sure that Hitler and Stalin yms”h would become the leaders of their countries so your argument is meaningless. This headline is 100% accurate and YWN should be commended for their reporting.

  8. chugibugi couldnt agree with you more.
    All u liberals admit that the guy is sick and that’s it… for how long will u live in your deluusions?

  9. “how low will YWN stoop for a few extra click$$ ?”

    As long as people keep clicking.

    YWN has become all about shocking and titillating, just like the goyish tabloids. They don’t even hide it – a large percentage of the headlines on YWN start with “SHOCKING” or something along those lines. And the ads follow suit, with dozens of ads every day inviting readers to become shocked and titillated by reading the details of some story about a yiddishe family that went through some horrible tragedy or another, lo aleinu. As if Jews won’t give tzedaka for another Jew until they have had the chance to use that person’s misfortune as a source of entertainment.

    So why am I here on this website, you may ask? Because I have a yetzer hara just like the rest of us. But I am tired of giving in to my yetzer hara, so I am going to take a break from YWN and stick with something like Hamodia or the Yated. Or, if I want to be shocked and titillated, I’ll go read the goyish news and at least not be fooling myself into thinking I am doing something frum.

  10. Besalel Biden is no longer able to accomplish anything. He is surrounded by disaster on everything he touched. His presidency is a smoldering ruin. If his great leadership prowess in Ukraine and Afghanistan is any indicator, imagine his accomplishments in Saudi. He should stay home. This kind of travel is taxing on someone in his condition.

  11. Corruption will be fierce as the yetzer hora pulls all his last shots in our days.
    L’Shona Habo B’Yerusholayim Habenuya!
    Hope to celebrate Moshiachs arrival with all of you, my brothers and sisters very soon!!