London: Protest Against Transfer Of Frum Girl To Muslim Foster Family [VIDEOS]


Chareidim in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London on Tuesday held a protest against the decision of welfare authorities to transfer a frum teen from a Chareidi foster family to a Muslim family.

The protest, along with the extensive efforts of askanim, were successful and the authorities ultimately agreed to transfer the teen to a frum family.

The 14-year-old has been living with a Chareidi foster family but has to move to another family for various reasons and welfare authorities made a decision to transfer her to a Muslim family instead of a Jewish family. The decision was apparently made for technical reasons, since there are very strict rules regarding the qualifications for foster families, such as the number of children that are allowed to share a room.

A call went out and many Chareidi residents demonstrated outside the house where the girl is still living. Police officers arrived at the scene but their services weren’t needed as the demonstration was entirely peaceful.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We see from this that It’s possible to demonstrate and be successful in your demands without burning garbage cans and throwing rocks at police.

  2. I’m waiting for the Chicken Littles to come out with their hysterics that “You see. Run to Israel”. No doubt it is a Mitzvas Aseh but not a chiyuv according to our poskim. What they don’t tell you is that they make Aliyah with parental support or they deny it.

  3. All of those mentschen protesting, no one could meet the “very strict rules regarding the qualifications for foster families”, and offer to take the girl into their home?

  4. @OrangCountChapper: You have to be don l’kaf zecus; it is extremely difficult to foster a problematic child with the constant involvement of the social [dis-]services.

  5. @OrangeCountyChapper
    Typically, qualifying as a foster family takes many, many months; sometimes years. Whereas losing your qualifications can happen very fast.

  6. Git Meshige:
    Your defamation of our brethren in E”Y living under the Zionist jackboot is disgusting.

    The Zionists hate Jews, especially chareidim, because real Jews prove to the Zionists that Zionism is fake and phony; the Zionists’ entire goal was and is to replace the Jewish people and faith with a godless Nationalist gentile nation.