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GOOD RIDDANCE: Naftali Moster, Notorious Yeshiva Adversary, Resigns from YAFFED

Naftali Moster, the ex-chassid who has devoted his life to being a thorn in the side of yeshivos, has resigned from YAFFED, the organization he founded that advocates for Government to dictate taught in Yeshivas.

It isn’t yet known what prompted Moster to resign his position, but his departure will not be missed by those working to preserve the purity of yeshivos, particularly in New York State.

In addition to his incessant anti-yeshiva rhetoric and activism to destroy the olam hayeshivos, Moster has carried with him the mantle of victimhood – lamenting his life and attacks he’s been subjected to as a direct result of his ignoble activism. On his website and in interviews, Moster complained about “obstacles, harassment, threats and ostracism” that have arisen from his work.

YAFFED served as a rallying point for non-Orthodox Jews to express their opinions on how Yeshivas should operate. Among his leading spokespersons are a prominent leading Reformed “Rabbi” in NY, the head of the Teachers Union, and Abby Stein.

Though he ostensibly claimed to only want to improve secular education standards in yeshivos, Moster often used his position as YAFFED’s director to malign yeshivos on matters that had nothing to do with education.

One instance of this came during a severe measles outbreak in 2019 in Rockland County, which Moster used to bizarrely attack yeshivos and the education they provide to talmidim and talmidos.

Moster also threw his time and energy to informing authorities of a planned Satmar wedding in Williamsburg during the Covid pandemic, prompting then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to direct law enforcement to shut it down, earning Moster the derisive moniker “moser.”

Moster has not yet announced his next move, nor has YAFFED announced who will replace Moster atop their leadership. Regardless, his departure can only be seen as a win for the dedicated men and women who devote their lived to instilling the mores and values of the Torah in our most precious assets – our children.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



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  1. What a disgusting and unjewish article by the author (jh?) of this piece. It’s not even the content that is revolting but the unprofessional, petty gratuitous name calling. I wish ywn would strive to publish writers whose style follow the nyt or wp instead of the ny post or the sun.

  2. I think the fact that he resigned and couldn’t keep his job, is also because of his yeshiva education!!!😜

  3. Who said the next Rosha to head Yaffed will be better?

    If he were closing down Yaffed it would be good news but now there will just be a question of who is the bigger Rasha that will head Yaffed instead of him

  4. its possible hes going on to bigger and WORSER things like working with Open Society of Soros etc, where money wont be an issue.

  5. How can it “only be seen as a win”?
    You know that already?
    Maybe the next guy will be even more effective and even more militant.

  6. better for us not to post this article & the shtadlanus that led up to this.. ain lecho yofeh min hatznius… ful transparency is NOT a yiddishe concept

  7. What makes you so sure you are rid of him?
    He was getting a lot of funding from self-hating Jewish organizations.
    Why would he give it up?
    I am afraid he was recruited by an even bigger entity to make even more trouble.

  8. So Mr. Moser is gone? Don’t get too complacent, he’ll be up to something new. Schechita? Bris Milah? Mikvah? He’ll aim to destroy something.

    Once a Moster, always a Moser.

  9. To Besalel
    Is there a reason you are o TYW . The mere fact that you requested that TYW should write artice like TNYT or WP show us all what you realy are . Moster was a drop out of Chasidish Mosdos he was a malcontent as a bochur who has an ax to grind with our Yeshivas and way of life but now he realizes he isnt accepted or wanted anywhere .So he has a dilemma.

  10. I know i might be attacked for this, but
    1. I think this guy has a point. He shouldn’t involve the government or be a moser. Maybe he should contact the school administrations and Torah leaders instead. But it is true that SOME schools, not all, do not teach English and Math normally. They don’t have to be public school equivalent, but they can teach some important English studies for 2 hours a day.
    2. I think its loshon harah to write so much negative info about a person. Yeshiva world could just post that he resigned his post and what this organization was for. But a detailed report of how horrible he is is disgusting!

    @hml get a life!!! this guy is religious!!! nebach he had a warped education and home environment which caused him to be this way. you should be happy you didnt grow up like that cuz maybe youd be worse than him!

  11. Given the mastery of the English language demonstrated by the article and its commentators, clearly yeshivos are doing their jobs and YAFFED’s claims are nonsense! Oh wait……

    Seriously though, YAFFED isn’t going anywhere, and the attacks against Naftuli Moster only reinforce the reasons YAFFED’s work is so vital.

    YAFFED’s work is about making sure New York enforces the rules that say all children are taught basic secular subjects that prepare them to be productive and informed citizens as adults. There are lots of frum schools that teach both limudei chodesh and limudei chol. There is no excuse for stopping secular subjects at Bar Mitzvah and producing graduates who don’t know the difference between a country and a continent and have never heard the terms “cell” or “photosynthesis”. YAFFED has never been a threat to frumkeit. Look into it and see for yourself. If you want YAFFED to go away, make it irrelevant by fixing the problems that require its existence.

  12. You can continue gossiping about him; he will still hold valid points wether you choose to acknowledge them or not.

    Our communities tend to think that לימודי קודש and secular studies are mutual exclusive when they’re not.

    The very fact that this article is so poorly written proves his point. Three plus generations in America and you can’t manage to construct a grammatically correct article in English. Ugh, what a בושה.

  13. To quote rav avigdor miller: “some people are so openminded their brain falls out”!
    “Ten lchacham vyechkamod”….

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