Turkey Foils Iranian Plot To Abduct Former Israeli Ambassador

Illustrative. Turkish police. (Photo: AP)

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Turkish media on Thursday revealed that Turkish intelligence authorities thwarted the abduction and murder of Israelis in Istanbul.

According to the reports, members of an Iranian cell planned to kidnap a former Israeli ambassador and his wife who were staying at a hotel in the Yuglo district of Istanbul, as well as several Israeli tourists.

Ten suspects, including local collaborators, were arrested last week in a joint operation by Turkish police and intelligence agents at the hotel and at nearby apartment buildings. The Iranians, members of the Revolutionary Guards, were posing as tourists, students and businessmen.

The Mossad reportedly evacuated the Israelis back to Israel on a private plane.

In the course of the operation, many documents, digital material, guns and silencers were seized.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Unclear as to why during this time of obvious risk, any Israelis would put themselves, but more importantly the security forces, at needless risk by traveling to Turkey unless its a matter of extreme urgency. The government is reluctant to shut down travel to Ankara and avoid antagonizing Erdogan but a bit of common sense is sorely lacking.