HORRIFIC TRAGEDY IN ARGENTINA: 5 Members Of Frum Family Perish In Fire, 29 Seriously Injured [UPDATED]

The president of the Jewish kehilla with the mayor at the scene.

A horrible tragedy occurred in Buenos Aires overnight Wednesday when a fire broke out between the sixth and seventh floors of an apartment building, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The fire spread and residents were caught inside their apartments. Firefighters arrived at the scene and rescued residents from their balconies.

Tragically, five members of a frum family, the Habaz family, who have 11 children, perished in the fire, including the mother and four children. The niftarim are the mother Sophia, z’l, 49, Camilla, z’l, 16, Esther, z’l, 9, Orly, z’l, 8, and Rafi, z’l, 4. The father, Yitzchak, is in critical condition, four children are in moderate condition and one was already released from the hospital.

Another 29 people, including four children and a pregnant woman were evacuated to the hospital in critical condition.

Another 20 people were evacuated to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

An Argentine Jew told Kikar H’Shabbat that the fire broke out after a heater apparently exploded. The father of the family whose members perished in the fire tried to save his family members but was overcome by the smoke and was evacuated to the hospital in criticial condition.

Rav Eliahu Hamra, president of the Vaad Hakehilot, arrived at the scene immediately after receiving the tragic news. Local Rabbanim and other community leaders are supporting and assisting the families.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)