UTJ MK Maklev: “There Won’t Be An Alternative Gov’t, It Didn’t Work”

UTJ MK Uri Maklev. (Knesset spokesperson)

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UTJ Uri Maklev said on Friday that the talks on forming an alternative government in the current Knesset have failed.

In an interview with Reshet Bet, Maklev said: “Unfortunately, there won’t be an alternative government. It didn’t work with Gantz and New Hope. Even if all of Yamina joins us, it won’t be enough.”

As YWN reported, UTJ chairman Moshe Gafni was carrying out negotiations for the Likud party in its efforts to establish an alternative right-wing government in the current government and prevent another election.

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked also said on Friday that “the chances of an alternative government are zero, we’re going to elections.”

Shaked added that if Bennett doesn’t run in the next elections, she’ll take over as the head of Yamina and the party will run in the next election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Maklev and the Agudat Yisrael/Degel HaTorah political hacks just can’t wait to demonstrate how adept they are at losing even more support next November. While most secular Israelis still want to retain the Jewish identity of EY and were disgusted with the antics of Kahana and Lieberman they are also firmly against the type of blatant extortion the religious parties were successful at exercising under Bibi.

  2. That means we’re stuck with Lapid until the election – unbridled Lapid. And this is all in the hope an election can churn the results we’re all desperately hoping for.

  3. elections are costly but they are efficient and necessary …… Bennett should be held responsible for this mess and Shaked should truly keep her lips sealed, her days in politics are finished….if you can not trust a woman to take you right home then delivery to an enemy is worse

  4. Gadolhadorah
    You once again show your one-sidedness. “they are also firmly against the type of blatant extortion the religious parties were successful at exercising under Bibi.” And no other party does the same??!!
    Why are you so anti-chareidi? What have they ever done to you? Why are you even on this (supposedly chareidi/yeshiva world) website?

  5. Neither Bennet or Shaken should be allowed to enter politics period….Shaken is no woman…..not one that I would rely on, trust me once, fool me twice that says a lot

    both Bennet and Shaked should be charged with reckless endangerment

  6. Its time for us to realize that the only government that will work in this country is the government of Melech Hamashiach and that is the only government that we should be putting our efforts into bringing about, i.e. through teshuva and tefila. No alternatives or any sort of Israeli State run by non-Torah personalities which are getting worse and worse.

  7. I know who the enemy is: he is myself!
    These clowns can’t unite under any circumstances! No matter if Ra’am, The Joint List and Lieberman gain a respected majority, they still won’t be able to unite. Like Haman said about us, מפוזר ומפורד! Come November they’ll eat crow once again!

  8. There is one person who can bring about a new government and avert the election and a 4-month-plus Lapid caretaker government: Binyamin Netanyahu. All he has to do is finally put his country before his own interests, and resign the Likud leadership. ANY other Likud leader can put together a solid majority in a few days. Only he can’t. But he refuses to budge; if it’s not him then he’d rather have Lapid and an election.

  9. “Gadol”, anyone who has the piggish and unjustified attitude you claim was never going to vote for Yahadus Hatorah anyway. So how can he be alienating them? Decent people who would otherwise be open to voting for YH will still be. So it can’t lose them any support.