Unprecedented Violation Of Kosel: Sefer Torah & Yair Lapid Sign


The Women of the Wall group shamelessly turned their monthly “prayer” session into an unprecedented violation of the Kosel’s kedusha on Thursday morning, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

The women turned the Kosel plaza into a protest site – singing and dancing around a woman holding a Sefer Torah aloft while displaying a large sign stating: “Prime Minister Lapid – implement the Kosel plan!”

The protest lacked any basis in reality as not only will Lapid’s power as prime minister be extremely limited due to the laws binding an interim government, but in addition, the coalition lacks a majority to pass any laws – especially a controversial one.

“The Western Wall Heritage Foundation expressed its pain at the crossing of red lines once again and the execution of an actual protest at the heart of the Kosel plaza, in a manner unprecedented in its offensiveness,” a spokesperson for the foundation stated.

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  1. We need to figure out a way to educate these women? Although I’m sure that some of them care about yahadus as much as I care about the history of sewers in Cuba, there are probably some who mean well and don’t know better.

  2. I’m personally liberal. But I believe that when it comes to the life of the nation – the way things are done in the commons – a traditional approach is the best choice. Tradition helps to maintain the uniqueness of the Jewish People, and it retards assimilation. I feel this way on account of my upbringing. Although no longer Orthodox in my personal life, I do attend an Orthodox shul and proudly contribute to various yeshivot and mosdot.

    By the way, some of the female rabbis and cantors who protest with the Women of the Wall have day school and yeshiva backgrounds. I know a few who graduated from Flatbush, Ramaz, and Frisch. When they go to Israel, they do their due diligence and pull stunts like this at the Kotel.

    The entire Open Orthodox enterprise is a farce. Basically, it is an amalgam of Reform Judaism, leftist politics, and a minimally halachic mode de vie. And now with Ma’ayan Seligsohn, the pro-Palestinian transgender rebbetzin at Avi Weiss’s shul in Riverdale, the farce has turned into a low comedy. The Women of the Wall are just the opening salvo.

  3. “Are they angry at G-D because they’re all ugly?”

    Kinsler: You show your intellect (or lack thereof) by engaging in childish attacks based on the physical attributes of those you disagree with. Not surprising since we just had 4 years of a leader who also was fixated on the physical appearance (versus competence) of his appointees and virtually always found a way of mocking the physical appearance of those he disagreed with.