NYC To Use Cameras To Enforce Speed Limit Starting Thursday


spcAs part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to reduce pedestrian deaths, New York City will start issuing speeding tickets to drivers clocked by traffic cameras.

Previously, only warnings were given out. That changes Thursday.

The mayor calls his plan Vision Zero, with the goal of reducing traffic fatalities to zero within the next decade.

He made the announcement at a public school in Queens, across the street from where an 8-year-old was struck and killed on Northern Boulevard last month. A 51-year-old unlicensed truck driver was arrested in the incident and charged with violation of safety rules. A makeshift memorial remains at the scene.

The city has about 20 speed cameras, and de Blasio hopes state approval will come to install more.

Also, the mayor talked about increasing the size of the NYPD’s highway division by 50 percent.

(Source: WABC)


  1. The Mayor is very concerned about safety, but he will Speed down all city streets and highways, it’s all about Money, this new Mayor will Tax the citizens and Visitors of New York to Death, hope that the State Legislature will not allow more cameras.

  2. I hope they do go up. It would be nice if those cams can detect anyone holding or texting while driving.
    Finally a Mayor thats doing something & not just discriminating our religious rights all day.