NYC Mayor: Economic Equality ‘Can’t Wait’


debNew York City’s new mayor is marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day by talking about economic equality.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told a packed audience Monday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that the “price of inequality has deepened.” The mayor says economic inequality is closing doors for hard-working people in the city and around the country.

Citing King, De Blasio says, “We can’t wait.”

The mayor ran on a platform to battle the city’s income inequality, which he dubbed “the tale of two cities.”

He was joined by his wife, Chirlane McCray; New York’s senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand; and the newly elected Brooklyn borough president, Eric Adams

The event was dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela.



  1. If we close down all the business that produce high salary positions (they’ll gladly move to a more capitalistic state, such as Texas), New York can have income equality. Everyone will be equally poor. That was part of Detroit’s strategy and it worked very well.

  2. Instead of Joe the Plumber we are going to have Yankel the Landlord complaining about “spreading the wealth” by taxing wealthy New Yorkers to provide more opportunities for lower income New Yorkers. Get ready for a lot of whining when the new taxes take effect.

  3. This way we can pay the neurosurgeon the same salary as a bus driver. Guess how many neurosurgeons we will then have. Or maybe the union bus driver with lets say 20 years experience we can pay the same as a rookie driver. This guy is not only nuts he is dangerous.