PA Doubles ‘Salaries’ Of Terrorists Who Murdered 12 People, Including 5 US Citizens

Workers clean the inside of a cafeteria on July 31, 2002, hours after a bomb exploded at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, killing nine, four of them Americans, and wounding more than 70. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

The Palestinian Authority recently doubled the salaries of four terrorists who perpetrated the 2003 bombing at Hebrew Univerity in Jerusalem, the Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The bombing left nine people dead, including 5 American citizens, and injured over 80 people.

According to the report, now that the terrorists have spent over 20 years in prison, their salaries were raised by 14.29%, from NIS 7,000 ($2,251) to NIS 8,000 ($2,572).

According to official PA documents, the terrorists have each been paid a total of NIS 1,034,500 ($332,637) so far.

Another terrorist, Omar Al-Abd, who murdered three members of the Salomon family at their Shabbos meal in 2017, also had his salary doubled this month after completing five years in prison.

It was due to the “pay to slay” payments and other corrupt practices that President Trump withdrew funding from the PA during his tenure. Perhaps President Joe Biden should have demanded an end to the outrageous practice before restoring funding to the PA and promising $100 million in U.S. funds for east Jerusalem hospitals during his recent trip to Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Please remind me whether The PA was designated a terrorist entity?
    And they want us to grant them STATEHOOD?!?! Are you kidding???
    You call that a Two-State ‘Solution’? Evidently, making a bad problem much worse, is somehow a solution. Now the ‘international community’, whatever that is, doesn’t have to deal with it anymore.
    I mean, that would be worse than a being a state sponsor of terrorism. that’s a Terrorist State.
    Besides, there are already a number of failed Arab states in the neighborhood. We don’t need another one in our backyard.
    The Palestinian experiment was a complete failure. It’s time to call their bluff. Even non-jewish historians know this: Judea and Samaria are a non-sovereign territory, as it was for centuries; a colony of regional colonial powers. The last time there was sovereign power in that territory, was the Kingdom of the Maccabees/Chashmonaim. That’s a historical fact. Bottom line: The Palestinians don’t have a ‘claim’ to the land. they have a ‘desire’ for it. No reason to give in to their whims.

  2. How blind ?
    They bomb Hebrew University
    and receive and increase for doing so at the same time that Professor decrying the Hebrew U closing on Tisha B Av