Hebrew U. Professor: “Tisha B’Av Break Is Sickening Submission To Religion”

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men and children read by candle light from the book of Eicha (Book of Lamentations) during the annual Tisha B'Av (Ninth of Av) fasting and a memorial day, commemorating the destruction of ancient Jerusalem temples, in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, Saturday, July 17, 2021. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Monday informed its employees that the university will be closing its doors on Tisha B’Av and won’t be holding classes.

Prof. Amiram Goldblum of the University’s Faculty of Medicine, slammed the decision, stating: “Unbelievable – a shameful surrender to religious people and the Jewish religion in the State of Israel. Sickening.”

In another response, he wrote: “I thought that the Hebrew University was detached from religion and is a university of Jews and Arabs. I don’t remember the university being closed on any Muslim or Christian holidays. Maybe its name should be changed to the ‘Jewish University’? This would align well with the rampant racism in Israel.”

His words caused an uproar among the academic staff and one of the lecturers at the university responded: “An outrageous response – I recommend that you take a little interest in history and understand that Tisha B’Av marks a tragedy for the Jewish nation.”

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Prof. Goldblum said: “I am against the university’s decision to oblige me to suffer on Tisha B’Av – without the possibility of going to my laboratory at the university or promoting my research with my students. My problem is only the coercion.”

“The university is not only shutting the research facilities on that day but also the pool and the gyms. I can understand that restaurants aren’t open in order not to offend those who are fasting – but who am I offending by keeping fit? The university is completely closed only on Jewish holidays but 22% of the population in Israel are non-Jews – and there are no Christian or Muslim holidays on which the university is completely closed.”

In a response to Channel 12, the Hebrew University stated: “The Hebrew University respects the holidays of all religions, denominations, and sectors. The day of Tisha B’Av is a significant element of Jewish identity and therefore the university throughout the years has treated the day in a special manner.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Wow. The leftist Israelis sometimes sound like Arabs. Does the ‘steamed bluffessor really care about the 22% non-Jews, (who BTW do not protest this ‘coercion’), or he just can’t stand religion, a result of his inner conflicts?

  2. For Tisha B’Av, why don’t we all just look inside ourselves; see how much we have to do to fix ourselves and not worry so much about what other people are doing or saying. Maybe if we can see how far we are from where could be and how hard we try (but fail) then we can have some compassion for ourselves adn THEN show some compassion for others.

  3. From a Zionist perspective, he is perfectly right.

    Zionism is all about replacing the Jewish people and religion with godless land-based idolatrous nationalism. Therefore, 9 Av doesn’t fit there.

  4. If Israel is not a Jewish state, the zionists have no right to be there! So, Goldblum pack your suitcase and emigrate to Ukraine.

  5. At this point nobody listens anymore to these “professors”. They are utterly irrelevant and will become even more irrelevant as their charges grow up and find out by themselves “sheker nachalu avoisenu”. They know it and that’s why they’re so angry.

  6. Shame on the sad excuse for a human being. This guy should move to a different country and get out of Israel. It was because of people like him that we had Tisha Baav in the first place .

  7. On Dec 24, 2014:
    Hebrew University Gives Students Day Off for Christmas
    In a first, the university also declares a vacation day for the Muslim holiday of Id al-Adha.

    Submission to 2 religions.

    Damn hypocrite!

  8. 147,


    Well, quite clearly this self-hating Jew Prof. Amiram Goldblum shall realize how wrong his sentiments are and feel terrible regret. Then, he should do complete teshuva through proclaiming to the world that he made a terrible mistake in bashing Yiddishkeit, and from now on he will behave as a frum Yid.

    This will fulfill the prophecy, בל ידח מננו נדח, and together we live to be זוכה ורואה בשמחתה, as the Rambam writes:
    הבטיחה תורה שסוף ישראל לעשות תשובה בסוף גלותן ומיד הן נגאלין
    הלכות תשובה פ”ז ה”ה

  9. The Prof is a leftist liberal confused
    human being
    The university however is far worse
    for justifying his behaviour
    Institutionalised distortion is dangerous

  10. Yussel: All good. But sometimes a letz like this guy is what Dovid Hamelech had in mind when he says:
    הלא משנאיך ה’ אשנא וגו
    Reb Elchonon says concerning the Jewish Yevsektsia – who helped uproot Yiddishkeit in Russia in the early days of the Soviet Union – that it is clear to him that these people are from Zera Amalek.

  11. All I can’t say to him is-
    Grow your foreskin back and go to Mass on Sunday. Marry a nice Shiksa and put a ash cross on your forehead on Ash Wednesday.
    Oh, and GET OUT OF ISRAEL, you filthy wannabe GOY!