Iranians In Turkey Began Following Israelis At Airport


Turkish media outlets on Thursday published additional information and footage of the Iranian operatives who attempted to kidnap and murder Israelis in Istanbul.

According to the reports, the assassins carried out target practice in their hotel rooms or rented apartments using guns with silencers in order to make sure that the actual assassinations would not be heard by outsiders.

One of the suspects who rented a room close to the hotel where his Israeli targets were staying fired two shots with a pistol and a silencer. The reports also said that the assassins avoided walking on the streets together in order to avoid attention.

Additionally, an analysis of hundreds of hours of security camera footage examined by Turkish intelligence showed that some of the Iranian suspects arrested in June followed Israeli tourists from the moment they landed at Istanbul’s airport.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yet there are still flights arriving in Instanbul from Israel with yidden who seem oblivious to the risk. At some point, you stop caring and focus scarce security resources to help those who are at risk and have taken actions to minimize their risk-exposure.