WATCH: Headcam Footage Of Shootout In Shechem

Zali, a Yamam counterterrorism dog who was killed by terrorists in Shechem on Tuesday. (Israel Police)

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Headcam footage of the intense gun battle in Shechem on Tuesday morning between Israeli security forces and terrorists was published by Israel Police later on Tuesday.

The footage shows Yamam counterterrorism officers engaging in heavy fire in broad daylight as well as rare footage within the house of wanted terrorist Ibrahim Nablusi, where the battle was taking place.

The video also shows the last moments (0:09-0:12) of Zili, a Yamam counterterrorism K-9 dog which was killed by terrorists after being sent into Nablusi’s home in order to aid the arrest.

B’Chasdei Hashem, the dog was the only casualty of the Israeli security forces in the three-hour gun battle.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. @ Chaylev Halyah,
    Don’t compare a dog to an Arab! Dogs protect their young, Arabs send their children to murder and to get killed for CNN cameras!
    Dog’s life is worth something!