“Iran Tried To Kill Me On American Soil,” NY Activist Blasts Biden Admin

Suspected Iranian operative Khalid Mehdiyev caught on home security camera of Brooklyn home. (Screenshot)

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Masih Alinejad, an Iranian opposition activist who lives in New York City, excoriated the Biden administration and the FBI for failing to do their job after she was twice targeted by Iranian operatives who attempted to kidnap or kill her on US soil.

Last month, a man with a loaded assault rifle and dozens of rounds of ammunition was caught driving around Alinejad’s Brooklyn neighborhood and was caught on a home security video lurking outside her front door. Alinejad, who was also the target of a kidnapping plot by an Iranian operative in 2021, feels that her safety is being compromised by the Biden administration’s soft stance on Iran.

“If the American government had taken strong action the previous time instead of [trying to forge a nuclear deal with Iran], it wouldn’t have happened,” Alinejad said. “But when the Iranian regime sees that they…don’t get punished, of course they feel more confident to threaten an American-Iranian activist on American soil.”

“The Iranian regime challenged US authorities twice on US soil – when they see that they’re not going to be punished, then there is no reason for them to stop their terrorism on US soil. For me, this is scary that this is happening in front of the eyes of [the] free world.”

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, Alinejad said that the police found a loaded assault rifle in the suspect’s car as well as dozens of rounds of ammunition, cash, and multiple false license plates from numerous states.

“’This time their objective was to kill you,’” a special agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation told me,” she wrote. “‘We detained him with a loaded AK-47.'”

“When I saw the photos of the weapon, I was filled with shock, fear and disbelief.”

Those familiar with the investigation say that there is concrete evidence that Alinejad was targeted by Iranian operatives.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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