IS HE SENILE? Majority of American Concerned About Biden’s Mental Health

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

A majority of Americans are worried about President Biden’s mental health, according to a new survey from Issues & Insights/TIPP.

The poll found that 59% of respondents were “concerned” about Biden’s mental health, with 36% saying they were “very concerned” and 23% “somewhat concerned.”

Comparatively, just 39% in total said they are either “not very concerned” (18%) or “not concerned at all” (21%) about his cognitive abilities. Another 2% said they aren’t sure about how concerned they are.

Unsurprisingly, the poll found a partisan divide in Americans’ views on the mental state of the president. Just 39% of Democrats said they are “concerned,” while 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents said the same.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Even though some people disagree with things that he does
    Lmaseh he has a Din of a Melech
    So being concerned about his mental health is out of the picture

  2. what exactly is the definition of senile, I don’t know. When the line is crossed from beginning to advanced I don’t know, but what I do know is that Joe Biden exhibits many problems and is disgraceful to be a president of the top country in the world.

  3. I am 100% concerned about the 81,282,916 Americans who voted for him.
    If they didn’t know he was “gone” at that time then we have a much bigger problem here in the USA.
    Let’s just pray for his good health because if he is gone we have bigger problems waiting in the wings.

  4. @Reb Eliezer: yes but Trump was successful
    @Shimonwhothinkshesapro: He does not have the din of a melech, your clueless, go check your maareh mekomos. He isnt a monarch. And either way, why would I not be able to be worried about the mental health of a monarch? You dragged that from your Tuches.

  5. Reagan was senile, he in terms of economic and foreign policy, he was probably the most successful president of the 2nd half of the 20th century, in not the whole of the 20th century (Franklin Roosevelt’s won World War II but got us into the “Cold War” that last 40 years, and his economic measures during the 1930s were popular but the economy remained depressed until the war came along). Reagan won the “cold war” (and without a bloodbath or destroying cities) and started an unprecedented period of economic growth.

    So maybe senility is something to look for in a president.

  6. Oy, akuperma, check your timeline and your facts. Raegan was fully and wonderfully functioning until the last few months, at which time he was still in possession of his faculties, only with mild lapses, and he bowed out to the world gracefully at the right time, with no public having to second-guess and answer to faulty polls.