Greenfield, Hikind Praise Mayor De Blasio’s General Handling Of Snowstorm


cbpBorough Park’s elected officials sided Wednesday with Mayor de Blasio in praising his general handling the snow removal in the five Boroughs of the City, amid criticism for abandoning the Upper East Side during the snowstorm, allegedly, for political reasons.

Councilman David Greenfield issued a strong defense of the Mayor, telling Manhattan critics to stop being spoiled. “In Manhattan they expect to be able to lick off the streets, and I think that’s just not realistic, quite frankly,” Greenfield told AM New York.

Greenfield also said he was generally satisfied with how his district — Borough Park, Midwood, and Bensonhurst — was plowed. “We don’t have perfect streets, and some of our streets obviously have slush,” he said.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who drove off to Albany in the early morning of Wednesday, was somewhat less supportive of Mayor de Blasio in his initial defense of handling the snow. Expressing his satisfaction of the overall snow removal activity in his district, Mr. Hikind did note that the City’s Sanitation Department was “a little bit slow” in immediately recruiting plows to clear the snow that started to fall at 7AM.

“I am not quite sure what went wrong or didn’t go wrong, I am just not sure,” Mr. Hikind started off his comments on his weekly radio show. “The Sanitation got off to a little bit late start. But lemme tell you they are very hard and very difficult circumstances, especially when it happens on rush hour… I know Mayor de Blasio was being defensive earlier today but he, in fact, indicated that they may have done even better.”

“Btw, we were complaining in the office yesterday.. all of us were in the office for 5-6 hours, and we didn’t hear much activity form the Sanitation Department on 13th [ave.],” Mr. Hikind went on to say. “But, at the end of the day, I think they did a pretty good job in our community.. Again, I’m not sure that I could say the same about all the side streets. But all in all, from what I was being told by different people, they did a pretty good job. Some people don’t think so, and you always have different points of view on the subject. That’s just part of it.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Had it been Bloomberg he would have been bashed. At 5:30 Am this morning, there were till streets that were coated with snow (they hed been plowed, but were in bad condition). Mayor De Blasio will not be able to do wrong.

  2. Im sorry to see david greenfield living in la la land, but the snow started coming down on tuesday morning and the first plow to hit my block was in the afternoon. The roads were only salted in boro park early thursday morning! In the past, the streets get salted before the storm so that the vehicles driving help with the snow removal.

    A total disaster!!!!

  3. “Lick of the streets” you piece of garbage what you are David, trying to “lick” some one’s behind, I was in Boro Park and it didn’t look too good either, I don’t where you were all day on Tuesday maybe “licking” something.

    You should put you head in sand, what you guys wouldn’t do for a presser and photo’s,

    three more years of your ignorant garbage and sour looking face, I know we are in gules

    Moderators Note: Comment was submitted by Isaac Abraham, who would die for his own press conference or photos. Thats why we are doing him a chesed and adding this note to his comment.

  4. Greenfield and Hikind obviously did not go down East 29th
    Street between I-J. Although plows did come down the street, they were infrequent. More importantly, no salt
    spreaders came through so the street is very slippery. Still not clear to blacktop.

    The same occurred during the previous snow storm. Apparently our new mayor is trying to save money on salt.