Jerusalem Exterminator Released to House Arrest


IMG-20140122-WA0066The exterminator who worked in the Gross family home was brought before a remand hearing on Thursday morning 22 Shevat 5774. He will remain in custody until erev Shabbos, at which time he will be released to house arrest in the home of his friend and attorney, Moshe Shiffman until Monday.

The court has not removed the gag order placed on the case which prohibits releasing information that would reveal the exterminator’s identity.

Shiffman told the press his client is a fine person and an experienced professional. He adds that his client told the Gross family that the substance he uses is very dangerous, and that he would be back on erev Shabbos to air out the home. (It is unclear if the family was instructed to remain outside of the home until that time).

Shiffman added that his client told them “to run away” from their home at any time if they smell any chemical substance. Mr. Shiffman added that as soon as his client heard of the tragedy, he ran to Shaare Zedek Hospital to inform the doctors of the substance and provide any information that might assist in life-saving efforts. This occurred prior to his arrest.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)